Blogger Meet Up Weekend (Part Two)

So after riding on Saturday, we went back to the house to hang out for a while before deciding to drive up the mountain to the look out tower. I’d never been up the tower, but I’ve been in the store at the tower and have gone to the look out points that require less effort. I wish I had counted the number of steps (or even the number of flights of steps) that we took to get to the top.


The view was awesome though. 


The ground is so far away…

After hobbling down the ridiculous number of stairs (well, I hobbled, Courtney went down them like a champ), we went back to the house and cooked dinner, had a couple glasses of wine with strawberries (cause we’re fancy and all…) then talked until bedtime.

On Sunday morning we got an earlier start, but boo, it had rained and was still pretty wet outside, so no skiing across the slick grass, I just rode Copper inside the barn in Courtney’s dressage saddle. We focused on him moving forward and adjusting his speed at the trot mainly.


Stop looking down Sarah. Western pleasure Copper came out. 



I need a dressage saddle. 🙂

After we left the barn, it was time for Courtney to go home, which was sad. I wanted to keep her. I’m very glad that she came to visit though, and hope to do it again soon. 🙂

Since she left, I’ve ridden Copper twice. Instead of boring ride recap posts (that I’ll forget to post anyway) I’ll just sum up how things are going here.

Saturday- walk, trot, canter ride outside with Courtney, then with me. Hot as sin out, he behaved great.

Sunday- walk, trot inside ride with me in Courtney’s saddle. Behaved great, not super hot outside, worked on variability of trot speeds.

Monday- walk, trot, canter ride with me outside in western tack. Cantered a couple 20 meter circles each way on the correct leads. Behaved great and got lots of happy pets afterwards.


He’s suspicious why I’m so excited with him after a ride. No bucking=all the love for the Copperhorse.

Tuesday- seemed sore, got the day off.

Wednesday- light ride, walk, trot, canter on a loose rein since he still seemed a little sore. Behaved well but was a little lazy about being forward. When untacking, we discovered lumps on either side of and on his spine where my butt would be if riding. Were likely there when I tacked up but I didn’t notice and attributed his soreness to being out of shape/needing topline. Highness also had hives/lumps around her face. Bee hive?


Tired after a light ride on Wednesday. Such a hard life. 


Thursday- Lumps on back are very sensitive. Assuming that he rolled on something or got stung. No ride.

Friday- likely no ride if bumps still present.  Ugh bees. Or whatever he got into.

I’m considering making our western dressage debut at introductory level in the beginning of July, but we’ll need several more rides before I can make that decision and the soreness issue isn’t helping. :/

Also, leg update:

Copper leg



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