Mid June Update

Life has been pretty busy lately, but not really with riding unfortunately. Thanks mystery lamenesses. Thinking Paige’s is an abscess, worrying that Copper’s may be more serious. The vet is coming tonight to ultrasound Paige to make sure she’s past the 40 day “danger zone” so to speak. Apparently the highest risk of the mare aborting the foal is in the first 40 days, so the baby should hang in there if it is still there after today. I hate to jinx things, but I’m fairly certain that she’s still pregnant as she’s still been a bit weird. I had her tied the other day and one of L’s horses wandered nearby and she started halter pulling…cause that’s totally like her… She’s basically just been weird around other horses and has been keeping to herself in the field more. She’s not the biggest social butterfly when not pregnant, but she generally has a buddy, lately she’s been marching to the beat of her own drum it seems. Attempting to bite/kick at another horse when being ridden is no longer out of the scope of reason for her, so I have to be more careful about what situations I put us in. She’s been acting a little off in a front leg, but I’m attributing that to the fact that she pulled a shoe before the farrier reset her and that she’s possibly brewing an abscess…as she does…


Copper’s mystery lameness has been more concerning. When Courtney was out a few weekends back, he was more forward going clockwise than counter clockwise on a circle. I assumed he’d just stepped odd or pulled something, and he didn’t seem overly off really. Well, he had some time off because of the weird patchy places on his back, and came back into work more lame/less willing. I’m still not sure what the ouchy patches were on his back, and I’m not certain that they aren’t still involved in the issue. They were very ouchy to the touch until I decided to spray them with the listerine mixture that I use for rain rot. The next day he was 80% better when pressure was applied to the previously sore places. They aren’t hives, but they don’t feel like rain rot either, and they’re just on the skin, it isn’t deeper than that really. When he finally wasn’t sore on them, I tacked him up to ride, and while waiting on L to tack up, he was leaning on the post that he was tied to and buckling at the knees with his eyes closed, falling asleep! I laughed that off for the most part. Once we were outside working, I worked him counter clockwise first and had to really push to get him to trot out and while he cantered off when I asked, I could feel him falling out of it as soon as we started. Going the other direction was funny the first time I asked him to trot out because I thought he was going to zoom out from underneath me. Apparently I didn’t need to ask with the same enthusiasm that I had the previous direction, because I could really feel him lift and trot out immediately. He was anticipating the canter a little, which doesn’t bother me a lot, as I’ve noticed there’s a lot I can tolerate as long as bucking isn’t on the to do list. So we trotted a few 20m circles that way so he could forget about cantering before I asked him. When I did ask him, he was much more willing that way, but I felt him trying to fall out of it when we got to the more downhill parts. I pushed him a few more strides, then asked for the trot. The second time I cantered him he gave me a few really good uphill canter strides that felt great. It turns out those strides are kind of salt on the wound when your horse is kind of lame, because when I took him back the other way, he was more sore and even stopped mid walk to paw? I took that as a sign to stop pushing him if he’s not feeling well. I keep hoping he’s just pulled something and will work out of it, but that’s not looking to be what is going to happen. The vet will probably get to look at him tonight, and I’m sure he’ll groan since last time he was trying to sedate Copper he turned into a 16.2 chestnut kite.


Look at this face. He would never. 

In other, less depressing news, I’m selling my hunt seat saddle. I’ve held onto it for five years without it fitting me really, but it is so comfortable that I was reluctant to give it up. Well, the odds of me showing anything hunter again are not super high, and I’ve got a really jealously problem with the two friends that have let me sit in their dressage saddles, so I’m hoping to find one of those for myself. As usual, the quality that I like supersedes my budget, so something has to give:


16.5″ HDR A/O. $500 obo. Leathers and irons included. Older model with nice, soft leather.

I also bought a thing at a yard sale this weekend that I’m pretty excited about: 20160618_082307.jpg

I’d been casually saddle pad shopping since mine is showing some wear, and, as usual, my taste is higher than my budget. I’d been wanting to try one of these, but I struggle with paying $150-$200 for a saddle pad. The other night I saw an ad for a yard sale on facebook that had a bunch of Professional’s Choice tack, and decided stopping by may be worth my while. So I got up early and grabbed my first choice of the pads for $45. Apparently they sold their feed/tack store to someone and the new owner didn’t want to continue the tack part of the store so they sold the inventory off really cheaply this weekend. They had bell boots, SMB boots, fancy hay bags, and helmets, but I was already stealing money out of my hay stash to buy this so I ran to my car before they realized how excited I was  walked calmly to my car without looking at anything else. I called A and told her about it, and of course, she’d trained horses for them and gave me the scoop on the reason for the cheap tack. She got a few things herself. I sent L to the yard sale too and she grabbed some SMB boots, so good deals for everyone.


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