New saddle, new shoes, etc.

One day I will get back to regularly posting on this blog…until then you get these snazzy photo dump update posts. Sorry…

First of all: saddles. I sold the HDR for full asking of $500, which is splendid as I only paid $300 for it on eBay several years ago. A girl who is just starting to jump her grouchy (he tried to bite me…jeez…) palomino gelding had me bring it to her at Virginia Tech for her to try and if it didn’t fit she was going to give me gas money. Luckily it fit so I got to leave it with her and cease worrying about possibly having to ship it to someone. I’m also tickled that it sold when it did because I may have possibly bought another saddle the same week…


BROWN County Competitor. šŸ™‚ Also it was $500 and included irons and leathers, so I basically just traded saddles, yes?


It seems to be too big for Copper currently, but I’m hoping that as he gains weight it will fit him better. I bought a half pad to try to make up the difference in the mean time, but I’ve yet to use it on him. I did ride Paige in the dressage saddle, the first time without a girth. Do as I say, not as I do people. Riding without a girth is challenging. Well, mounting and dismounting is. I kind of flung myself on the saddle from the cross tie partition and pulled my hamstring a little…lesson learned. I rode it walk trot with a girth and was pleased with my balance. The saddle did move backwards a bit when I was riding though and Paige had opinions on that, so I dismounted and called that good until the girth arrived. What can I say…I was desperate to sit in it…

Paige’s lameness has disappeared, though now she has chronic laziness. A crop will go with on our next ride to awaken the potato. I did ride her in the County a second time, with a girth even…and things went much better (minus the laziness…). I feel like my seat is much better when cantering her in the County, so I’m starting to wonder if my Billy Cook is slightly too big for me. I can sit Copper’s canterĀ fine in it, but Paige manages to throw me out of the tack moreso when I canter her. His canter is much nicer than Paige’s though, so I’m chalking it up to that.

While we’re discussing Copper, I did have the vet look at him when he came a couple weeks ago. (Also, Paige’s baby now resembles a baby horse on the ultrasound. No photos of this ultrasound since my phone was super dead and Paige had ants in her pants and wouldn’t stand still.) He watched me lunge Copper both ways and saw the lameness that I described easily. He short strides on his front left. So he grabbed some hoof testers and started picking his feet up. Copper didn’t realize that the vet was touching him and stood like a saint the entire time. šŸ˜€ So the vet said that Copper just needs more heelĀ andĀ less toe, which I agree with. He told me to have my farrier put Natural Balance shoes on him. I texted my farrier, because I have never heard him mention them, and wasn’t even sure if he did those shoes. Sure enough, he came through with a shiny aluminum pair for Copper the next week. I haven’t ridden him since he’s been in them (he’s been out in the big field with orders to gain more weight), but he lunged sound in them, so I’ll take it. They’re kinda funny looking though…so they suit the Copperhorse perfectly. haha.


Also, comically enough, my vet forgot where I got Copper/what breed he is. In his defense, we talked about that the first time I used him many visits ago, and I haven’t Ā mentioned itĀ since. So he assumed that Copper is a Thoroughbred. I’ve gotten that before, so I started to correct him and he said “or Appendix, same thing.” Rotfl. So I reminded him that Copper is an Appaloosa, and that he’s from a breeding program that is one of his regular clients. He made a surprised faceĀ like he never knew thisĀ information and asked which stud/mare combo spawned Copper. Once I told him, he nodded thoughtfully and commented that at least he ended up being a riding horse, not solely a halter horse. Agreed.


My two “thoroughbreds” in the wild. Well, one of them is legit.Ā 


They’re besties now…it is so weird…

My horse trailer is back from having new chains installed/wheel bearing checked/being inspected/having the roof resealed/having the ACĀ removed and replaced with a vent. I’m not as full steam ahead about selling it nowadays as I’ve become content with it…well, until I realize how sketch the inside of the living quarters looks, then I grimace. Once it cools down, I’ll devote some time to finishing the demo so it’ll at least be cleaner.


Someone wants to paint this for free, yes?

I’ve also been trying to take Dexter to the barn more often to get him used to the horses, but he still barks at them when he sees them. I wish he’d at least stop barking at them so I could take him to shows, etc. without being embarrassed by his yappy tendencies. I posted a video on my instagram of him announcing his presence to Highness and Copper in the big field. Luckily the horses ignore him. I did let him off leash in the fat mare field since they’re much more focused on picking my grass to death than worrying with a yappy puppy running about. Kricket did follow him for a few seconds, but stopped and looked at me when I said her name. Dex, however, did NOT stop when I said his name, and ran straight through a mud puddle in front of the barn and got mud up to his knees.


Wet chicken legs after I hosed them off before letting him in the car…He’s so proud of his adventure though.

Speaking of adventures, Blondie, one of my boarders, went to her new home a couple weeks ago and is doing well. With her issues with being caught, I didn’t want to turn her out in the big field (where the best grass is) and not be able to catch her, so her owners and I decided that it would be best to rehome her with someone who has more time for a project horse than they do currently. A somewhat crazy woman drove 6 hours one way to get her, and seems happy with her, so I think she is off to great things.


The woman who now owns her commented that she’s underweight…I don’t see it…

I have an equine chiropractor coming to see Copper on Tuesday, and I’m anxious to see how that goes. I’m hoping it is helpful in determining why he has trouble maintaining weight when eating hay and why he cocks his head sideways when eating grain from a ground pan. A friend mentioned that his jaw may be out and that chiro may be helpful, but other friends think that this chiro business is witchcraft (my vet included…) so I’ll be interested to see if we get any results. Fingers crossed!

4 thoughts on “New saddle, new shoes, etc.

  1. That saddle is gorgeous, and love the saddle pad under it to! I’m in love with having a trailer (sketchy interior or not lol) now I just have to get a truck >.< Gotta love muddy puppies right? Be sure to update your blog after the chiro visit! I'm really interested in trying it with Sky!

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