End of August Update

Wow, the last month has really gone by quickly. Generally at this point in the year, Jason and I would be making our yearly pilgrimage to Florida to the beach, but since he started nursing school, we don’t really have the free time or the money for the trip.

2015-09-08 19.41.02

We could be here if it weren’t for vet bills and nursing school. 

Speaking of money, as far as my horses go, this year will definitely go down in history as the most expensive year that I’ve ever owned horses. Yes, I expected the costs associated with breeding Paige (vet bills plus buying extra fescue-free hay), but things have continued to snowball. My token gelding has managed to cost me more in vet bills than usual this year, which is bizarre considering he’s never really had issues that require the vet. He ran through the fence early this year, and those emergency stitches cost me, but on the up side, he was an excellent patient and his leg looks great. Then he was lame in his front end and the vet recommended special shoes to make his feetsies happy. Okay, now we have special shoes. Then I had the chiro out to adjust him, which seemed to make him feel much better. He’s been frolicking in the field much more sense being adjusted. Now, after all that, he’s lame in his hind end. I had the vet out to look at him (and to take another gander at Paige’s baby, which is still doing great) and my vet recommends that we inject his wonky hock.

Copper had curb as a weanling, and apparently it is now rearing its ugly head again. So my vet wants to inject it to lower the inflammation and increase the fluid in his joint capsule. So yet another vet bill for Copper. Of course, Copper is also my only horse with vet fear issues. So we couldn’t inject his hock when the vet was already there last week, but instead I’ll have to make a subsequent appointment, dose him with some oral sedatives, then let the vet give him the heavy drugs to knock him out for the procedure since he all but grows wings and flies away when he sees the vet holding a needle. The good news to all of this? Um. At least he allowed us to do a lameness exam without issues? At least I probably know the cause of the bucking from last month?


Pre-lameness. Note the wonky hock is tracking up nicely…

The frustrating thing is that we were making so much progress before the lameness. The chiro work really helped him and he gave me a few glorious rides before acting sore and getting a little bucky with me. I do think think the bucking is related to the hock issue since the lameness presents itself most when he’s trotting and it was walk to trot transitions when I was getting the pinned ears/little bucks. I just hate that I didn’t listen to him sooner and stop working him. The fact that he has a history of bucking made me think it was just him being an asshole again. So now I’m less paranoid about him bucking and more paranoid about him being retired at an early age if injections don’t solve the problem.

I’m also now less optimistic about him moving up the levels in dressage if we’re able to work towards that. He’s so talented, especially for a halter bred Appaloosa, but I’m not confident that his hock will hold up to heavier work if it fell apart from what we’ve been doing this summer.

Needless to say, this makes me that much more relieved that Tater Tot and Paige are doing well. The game plan was to haul the baby everywhere that I would haul Copper while the baby is young to get him (yes, I’ve decided that I want a colt) used to being out and about when he’s young and impressionable.


Look at that lovely $45 yard sale saddle pad. Also…don’t judge our mismatched tack.

My vet did seem tickled with Paige’s condition (round) and his words were “well, she’s bloomed.” I guess that means that she’s now looking pregnant fat (or productive fat as I like to call it) instead of her regular physique. He was able to view the baby’s abdomen on ultrasound, but the rest of him was too far away to get a view of. He did say that the baby is very mobile, which is good.

Paige has been more mobile as well lately. The last two times I rode, she was fresh, which is fun when it is Paige. If Copper is fresh, we lunge. If Paige is fresh I giggle and go along for the ride. She even thought about bucking with me when I asked her to canter (when I was riding her bareback naturally) and all I could do was giggle and push her forward more. L and I rode out around the farm the next day and I used my western saddle instead of riding bareback, and had a great ride. L’s horse is out in the 20 acre field while Paige is in the smaller diet friendly area closer to the barn, so I rode Paige out into the field while L walked on foot to grab her gelding. I get nervous doing this a little bit because Paige has only been in this field a couple times, both with me riding her, plus I was riding her right into the middle of a herd of horses that she doesn’t live with. She was looky during the whole ordeal, but she didn’t move when I stopped her, she just looked around and seemed interested in the ride.


Note the dog and the horses in the background. 🙂

We mostly walked around the field and stopped and talked often. Paige felt good and was ready to trot when I asked her. She just really excels on the trail/in new places. This field is really hilly and between my girth being a touch loose and her roundness leaving wither definition to be desired, I mainly trotted when we were level so that my saddle stayed centered. I did do a bad thing and let her canter up the hill towards home when we were on our way back though. I wouldn’t let other horses do this, but I could’ve easily pulled her down and made her walk and I’m not worried that it will become a thing really.


In other news, I sold my horse trailer. It was just too hot to use in the summer and I couldn’t justify keeping it. We hauled Piper to a fun show with all the windows and vents open and she was in a full body sweat upon arrival despite only being in the trailer for 10 minutes, all of which we were moving along and she should’ve felt a breeze. I was originally planning to take Paige, but for some reason I just didn’t feel good about it. In hindsight I was really glad that I left her home. If Piper was that sweaty despite being in great shape physically after ten minutes, I can’t imagine how bad off  out of shape Paige would’ve gotten in the hour she would’ve been in the trailer between being loaded at the farm, hauled to A’s place, Piper being loaded, then hauled to the show grounds.

I’ve had it up for sale for over a year, so when a couple showed up and were interested, I let them take her. I’m very casually horse trailer shopping right now, but with all else that is going on, it’ll probably be next year before I end up with something else. I’m waiting on the trailer that I want this time instead of settling.