TBT: 4 Years

Today marks four years that Jason and I have been married. Here are some of our wedding photos to commemorate the occasion. If you need a great wedding photographer (who will also help you find your shoes moments before you’re the walk down the aisle!), just ask. 😉


Our wedding was at my Dad’s house on the farm, so all of these pictures are from the farm, though not the part that belongs to me now.

There were a lot of benefits with getting married on the farm. Since I still lived there with Dad up until we got married, I had everything on the property already, so the risk of forgetting something elsewhere wasn’t very high. We blocked the horses (only Copper and Robin at this point, oh how things have changed!) into the bigger field for the day and used the smaller field for parking for everyone.

It was a great day. The rain held off long enough for the ceremony (which was best since it was outside in the front yard) and started up right after our guests made it through the receiving line. The reception was under a tent in the back yard, so the guests were dry while Jason and I were posing for our portrait type shots. Basically all of the ones of just me and Jason were taken in steady rain, but you’d never know it from looking at them.


Luckily the rain stopped in time for the reception and we were able to hang out with everyone before leaving for our honeymoon. Our reception was similar to a picnic with chicken salad on croissants and a variety of cold salads and dips that were either made by a local restaurant or my mom. My cake was made by a woman that my dad went to high school with (I also bought my horse trailer from her father a couple years later…yes…it is a small town).



In front of the then hay field, now horse pasture. 


It was a pretty country themed event. We had most of the decorations on hand, so I didn’t buy much, and what I did buy isn’t photographed as much as what we had already…minus these birds. 



Our rings on the crape myrtle tree (sp?) in the front yard. 



Yes, my bouquet wasn’t very traditional…ornamental cabbage and thistles in addition to the flowers. 😉 


Also, my dog, Levi, helped give me away. We never considered how he’d react to 100 plus people randomly showing up at his home and milling around, but, true to his nature, he loved every second of it and wasn’t shy about wandering through the ceremony. He actually wanted to go up the steps on the front porch with me during the vows, but ended up sitting with my parents in the front row instead.


Best farm dog ever…even if he always herded the horses the wrong way.


All of our centerpieces were local milk bottles from back in the day. 

It was such a great day. This is the first year that Jason and I haven’t been at the beach for our anniversary, which feels weird. We’re going out to dinner to celebrate tonight though, so that will be fun. I’m very thankful for four (married) years with Jason! He’s been putting up with me since 2009, but only full time since 2012. I see many more in our future. 😉


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