Friday Photo Dump-September Update

Obviously September wasn’t a month for blogging…because I think I only posted our anniversary post, then left everything else to the imagination.

So here is what I’ve been up to lately:

The deck has undergone a transformation. I painted the railings my favorite white, Lincoln White Sash and stained the treads/risers Tobacco. This was my first stain job/paint job on a deck. I’ve painted inside extensively (in more than one house…) but I’ve only done a little painting outside, and that was my front door. I need to touch up some things, but it definitely is a project with a lot of bang for your buck.


Before shots…with the tree and without. 


After paint and stain, showing the left side behind the mailbox that I need to finish…whoops.


I still need to touch up a couple places on the railings where it got dark and I wasn’t able to see how well the paint was covering (spoiler…not well). It took something like 7 hours to paint the railing. Jason was the leader on the lattice replacement. I have no delusions about my ability to measure/cut things appropriately, and he picked up the slack for me and we got the lattice up last weekend. Now I just need some pumpkins and mums and the deck will be looking amazing. Also…any votes on whether I should paint or stain the mailbox post? I’m leaning towards paint…just because I prefer to paint. 😉

Copper was lame/out of work all of September with his wonky hock issue. I did finally get it injected, but alas, that was in October, and this is a post about September, so you’ll have to wait until I do a dedicated post about it. So here is what he’s been up to:


Selfies with mom. 


Dinner with friends…


Being majestic.




Reminiscing about his previous rides/looking forward to being a dressage horse? We can hope. 😉 


MOAR food…


And more majestic. 

So yes, he’s living the life. Paige on the other hand, has had to work more in his absence. Kind of. wp-1475849462418.jpgwp-1475849064088.jpg


Of course ears are up when there is hay. 


Disappointed that the feed pan is empty. 


In Copper’s halter…disappointed that I haven’t given her cookies yet. 


Oh hey…a saddle and a bridle. 

I’m kind of in love with my dressage saddle. Not that I’m not in love with the Billy Cook anymore…but saddle fit is becoming, er, tricky with the Paigeopotamus. I thought the dressage saddle was fitting her better than the western, but after my ride the other night, I’m not sure? Bareback (and apparently a halter) has been preference lately.

TaterTot is about the size of a rabbit according to Amanda’s post the other day. So the baby is about a foot long and weighs six pounds. Paige looks like she’s eaten a whole pack of rabbits, so it is probably safe to assume that TaterTot is pushing strongly towards his/her new growth stage of beagle. Just six more months…I’m really glad the tail end of her pregnancy will be during winter when I rarely ride with our saddle fit issues already beginning.


I so wish this were taken with something other than a cell. Low res, but still pretty.

Also, a snake almost fell on my head this month. That was great fun. We’ve seen more black (harmless) rat snakes in the barn this year than ever before. I told my brother (a snake lover) that I wouldn’t hurt any of them as long as they didn’t get in the way. That was before one literally dropped off of the top of the sliding door inches from my face. In the dark. I was freaking out a little, so he came, captured it, and moved it away from my barn for me.


Thankfully it was the smaller one. The other is 3′ or so. 

I’m going to try to do better with blogging this month. I’m really hoping to see a difference in Copper’s soundness this week or so since he’s now been injected, so we’ll see how sane he comes back into work. He’s been a bit of a wild child the last month or so. Fingers crossed!

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