Halfway There

Only 5.5 more months of Paige’s pregnancy! The last 5.5 went really quickly, and I’m hoping for the same for the next half (especially since it is the winter half…). I think Paige will be happy when she’s not pregnant as well.


She looks kind of sleepy already. Also…I promise her leg isn’t that crooked?

I’ve still been riding her, though infrequently and typically without tack. She and Copper are in the field nearest the barn for winter and have been enjoying each others company. I’m definitely pleased with how the two seem to get along. When he gets stupid about something, she’s there in her calming, Paige way. 😉 She just reminds me why I bred her this year instead of Robin…one of the two has the superior brain…I’ll let you figure out which one is which… 🙂


Her baby bump is growing full steam ahead at this point (the massive pile of hay on the right has nothing to do with that belly…it’s all baby…or so Paige says…). I think its safe to say that the baby is somewhere between rabbit stage (6lbs) and beagle stage (25lbs)…probably leaning closer to beagle. 😉

She did receive her 5 month pnuemabort shot the day Copper got his hocks injected, so one down, two to go on that front. The vet left the shot with me and I injected her myself. The college is possibly offering a large animal vet assisting class in spring, so I hope to be able to take that to learn a few things that I may not already know, though I’m hoping it leans more towards horses than cows if I’m being honest…


Hay! Glorious hay!

ALSO! Hay is here. Well, Paige’s hay for the last 90 days of her pregnancy, the main hay for the herd has been here since May/June. Paige isn’t allowed to have fescue the last 90 days because it can have a certain bacteria (I think it is a bacteria…) that grows on it and causes birth defects/complications with delivery. So no fescue for her the last three months, which means she’ll have to be in her own little paddock while Copper gets to gorge himself on a round bale either solo or with Highness from January-March. Her paddock (normally the donkey field…) connects to a stall in the barn, so she’ll be able to get out of the weather this winter. In March I plan to move her into the indoor arena part of the barn with a 12×24 stall so that she can have the baby inside in a nice big area. She’ll be stalled mostly the last 30 days since that is when the grass starts to come on somewhat and I want to avoid all possibilities of her finding fescue. When I come up to feed in the evenings, she’ll be allowed to wander in the rest of the indoor and get some exercise (ha. ha.) while I clean her stall.

I worry about locking her away from the other horses somewhat, but a) it is Paige…she generally chooses her own company over that of other horses, and b) Copper/Highness should be in plain sight in the neighboring field or in their run in at the opposite side of the barn. Generally if Paige has food, she’s not too worried about other horses. Hopefully this trend remains the same when very pregnant. Worst case scenario, I have two more stalls in the barn I can utilize if I need to bring in a buddy horse the last thirty days.


Please don’t randomly become neurotic out of nowhere…

Excited doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about this baby. Though I raised Robin and Copper from young ages (8 months and 1 year respectively), I’ve not bred and foaled out my own and started at the absolute beginning. I’m just crossing my fingers for a healthy baby with a good brain in its head. If it is spotted and a pretty color, that’s just a bonus. 🙂

Another note on the hay…a good friend hooks you up with her hay person to get special orchard grass only bales, a great friend loads and drives the bales to your barn while you’re at work, then helps you unload/stack them. Thanks A! You’re awesome!

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