10 Questions-October

L’s ten questions strike again. 🙂

What do you consider “jumping high” for yourself? Anything really. ha. I don’t jump and am pretty intimidated by anything more than a ground pole.


Paige and I jump so high. 


What are your short term goals for riding? Do you think you’ll reach them? I’d like to get something (either Paige or Copper, preferably Copper) to a dressage schooling show next year. Otherwise, continued quiet rides at the farm is good enough for me. I would like some dressage focused lessons on Copper though.

Long term goals for riding? Do you think you’ll reach them? Having multiple horses makes this hard. I’d really like for Copper to move forward into dressage as his “career.”  Long term goals for Paige don’t include showing really unless its western dressage type stuff, and a whole new world is coming for me as far as long term goals once she foals and I’ve got another horse to consider.

How many barns have you been at in your riding career? 4?

How many different trainers have you been with in your riding career? 4?

Ever worked at a barn? What did you do? I’ve done farm chores in exchange for board before, but never paid employment.


This little monster was one of the best things about one of the barns I worked at.

Scariest thing that has happened at your barn? Hmm. At one trainer’s barn that I was working at there was a weird colic situation that we were paranoid had contagious aspects, so that was scary. Other scary thing (that I missed because I was away at college) was at my farm. Apparently a boarder tried to teach their young horse to drive with another horse loose in the indoor with her? I have three stalls in my barn, yet she shoved Copper and Robin in the same stall and left a third horse on the property loose in the indoor while she worked her horse. Things spiraled out of control and somehow her mare ended up on a neighboring property (shafts for the cart we found on yet another neighboring property???) and my friend’s gelding that was loose in the indoor was photographed (though unfortunately I can’t find the picture) running on the street. Luckily my kids were both in the one stall…cramped but safe lol.


My chestnut book ends were in a stall together and the leopard was loose on our road. Not pictured: the mare who’s owner had questionable common sense.

Have you ever given a lesson? What level was the rider? Nah. I’ve led a bunch of people around on horses, but I’ve never received payment for lessons. Mainly kids or non horse people. I gave them instructions on steering and brakes, led them for a bit, then just let them ride around the barn.

What is your opinion on the accuracy of critiquing riders online? I don’t critique people online, even if they ask for it in public group situations. I’m not an instructor or a judge, so my opinion matters little to strangers on the internet. Should a friend ask, I’m okay with giving them more opinion, but my friends know me well enough to know my background/whether or not it is anything I even have a knowledge base in prior to asking.


My college roommate on Robin back in 2010.

What is the ideal height of a horse for you? Paige is pretty ideal at 15.2. Copper is 16.2 ish, which is fine, but hard to mount bareback. Robin is 14.3 maybe, so really easy to mount bareback. Height of a horse doesn’t really bother me outside of that though. My horses all vary in sizes and body types, so I’m pretty well adjusted.

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