TBT: Riding Arena and 2010 Copper

Yesterday’s ten questions made me nostalgic when I was looking through old pictures for the one of my friend’s gelding running loose on the road and I came across these pictures of the farm right after Dad hired someone to grade out a riding arena.

It is funny to read the comments on these pictures on FB because I obviously had grand dreams that we’d fence it off so that the horses wouldn’t make a mess out of the footing. Footing. Bahaha.62096_447998859064_4268521_n63867_447408449064_1648582_n

Dad did regret not having it graded wider, and I kind of do too, but it works really well for what I need and is kind of fun to randomly push a horse up the little hills on the sides to keep things more interesting than riding on flat ground the entire time. And, as much as I hate it, practicing down hill is probably good for us too. 63867_447408444064_3636537_n

Copper after rolling in the fresh dirt in the newly graded area. He was three in this picture and too freaking cute. Note he’s tied on the wall in the barn that no longer exists…

As you can see, we didn’t fence it in, or add footing. The horses keep it grazed pretty short and seem comfortable working in the area since they live there.


Present day.



And obviously present day because Paige. 

We haven’t really had any issues with the arrangement. I did have a huge amount of anxiety about riding Copper out of the barn in the field because of how open it is. My scared self felt much more comfortable in an enclosed area, but we’ve been doing so much better about that this year. I’ve easily had more outdoor rides on him this year than any year previous. And for fun…here’s some pictures from previous years…because 3 year old Copper was just too cute.


My first time riding him outside of the barn. He’d only been in real work for a week at this point. 



Later in the fall. Lets not talk about my questionable tack choices…or what my left hand is doing. 

At this point the only horses I owned were Robin and Copper. Such a simple time it was…


Okay, I feel old now. Especially since this week marks 14 years that I’ve been owned by that little red mare in the two pictures above. Time goes so fast…except when you’re waiting on a mare to foal of course. 😉

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