Christmas List Ideas

I’ll do a weekend recap post later, but I had an excellent four day weekend that has me thinking about Christmas. Mom and I went to the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte, NC on Monday and saw all the things. She did end up getting me one Christmas present from Trezana Jewelry. She bought me a necklace from her in 2014 and I’ve worn it several times a week since then and love it, so it only seemed normal that I pick out another one this year. 🙂 Now to wait until December…

Until then, I’ve decided to compose a list of the horsey items I’m mulling on asking for this Christmas (punctuated with random baby horses that I photographed in 2012):

Foaling Kit: I thought about making my own, but for just over $30, it seems easier to just request this pre-assembled kit for Christmas. It contains gloves, iodine plus dip cup for the umbilical cord, an enema, scalpel, vet wrap, etc. It also contains a laminated set of instructions for what to expect when she foals. I’m planning on Paige foaling at the farm and supervising things myself (read: harassing BOTH A’s about foaling because they’ve attended so many…I’ve only watched one mare foal and I was responsible for the photography aspect only…). Hopefully local A will be able to be there to keep me from freaking out. As much as I’d like to be there when Paige foals, I would also be A-Okay with showing up and finding a foal nursing away and the placenta laying neatly in the corner. #dreams


The one foal I’ve seen born. Mama was still eating during/immediately after. Paige will be similar I’m sure. 

Foaling Predictor: Apparently these neato little test strips will give me an idea when Paige is going to foal. They’ll hopefully be able to help me actually be there to document the occasion and fret about it in real time. You use a teaspoon of Paige’s milk with the testing solution and the strip tells you how far from babytime you are. It comes with 25 strips, which sounds like more than enough for my booming broodmare enterprise composed of one mare. 😉 I feel like the only thing it is missing is a chill pill to take when the strip reads that the baby is eminent…I may need it.

Nobel Outfitters Knife: I’ve needed a new barn knife for a while now. (I still can’t find the one that I lose in my square bales last year even though I’ve long since fed them all out…it is most bizarre…). Naturally, I need a turquoise knife because a) turquoise and b) it’d be a lot easier to find than the black one that is still MIA.


Three of the four mare/foal pairs that local A assisted with in 2012. The fourth was the mare/foal pictured above that was still in the barn because the baby was either not born yet or very young. I can’t remember. 

The item I’m still waffling on is a new bareback pad. I ride Paige in a bareback pad more often than a saddle and think the Best Friend Slip Resistant pad with pockets would be super handy if I wanted to ride her somewhere other than in her field bareback. She’s great trail riding, and I wonder if we would like trail riding without a saddle. She’s definitely reliable enough to go without, but my options for mounting would be limited without stirrups. I already have a bareback pad that I’ve had since…2001…that is still going strong. It’s just a red, fluffy bareback pad. Every horse I’ve ever had has used the hole I “punched” with a knife and a hoof pick, but here lately, Paige is fat enough to utilize the holes that came pre-punched on the girth. It works, but it isn’t pretty or slip resistant. Though I guess one of the perks of riding bareback so often is that you learn not to let it slip…so I’m still up in the air if I actually need this item…

A cheap pair of rope reins in a fun color would be nice for when I just want to putter around in a halter, but I’ve been tying Paige’s lead rope around pretty successfully since my mom bought me new LONG lead ropes for my birthday.


I loved this shot I got of these two. This mare cloned herself. 

This Christmas is weird because I actually don’t need many horsey things. If it weren’t for Paige’s pregnancy this list would be super short. I’ve bought myself several new things this year that I felt like I needed prior to Christmas (plus, its not like anyone was going to buy me a dressage saddle…lolz). Maybe I should focus on new photography equipment since I’m likely to be utilizing my camera much more once the baby is here. 🙂


Can you tell I enjoy taking pictures of babies? You guys are in trouble come April. 🙂 

7 thoughts on “Christmas List Ideas

  1. That’s so neat about the test strips, I had no idea that was a thing! I have a Best Friends bareback pad and I love it (it’s an older style but I’ve ridden in that thing more than any of the saddles I’ve owned). You won’t be disappointed if you get one 🙂

  2. So many baby thingssss! Breeding and foaling is stressful… You have more guts than me. I got to watch a mare foal out in college. I was on the volunteer team that went out at night and checked mares in the wee hours. I got lucky and got to see mine foal! I hope you get to be there for every minute.

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