November 10 Questions

How old is the youngest/greenest horse you’ve ridden? 

2; Robin and Copper were both started lightly as two year olds. Robin moreso than Copper. I basically sat on Copper three times and walked around the indoor. I rode them both as young horses to a degree.


After one of his first rides. After maybe two or three rides he was tossed out to grow more. He basically learned basic steering and brakes. 


How old is the oldest horse you’ve ridden?

Several lessons horses from the place where I initially took lessons were pushing 30 or in their 30’s when I was taking lessons there and I rode them all at some point or another.

Were you scared of horses when you first started riding?

Not really? Keep in mind I started riding on those 30 yr olds ^ 😉

Would you say you’re a more nervous rider or a confident rider?

Definitely moreso a nervous rider though I’ve made a ton of progress over the last couple of years.

Biggest pet peeve about non-horse people around horses?

I don’t hang out with many non-horse people around horses. I’m more annoyed by people who think they are horse people but they don’t know a whole lot and have no interest in admitting that or learning anything new.

A time you’ve been scared for your life? (horse related)

Most of the time I rode this little monster: Lil Man. He was a saint on the ground, but a wild man under saddle out in the field…which is mainly where I had to ride… He never hesitated to go full steam ahead down steep hills (he was boarded at a place on the top of a hill and they didn’t/don’t have a riding arena so it was in the barn or out in the field on the hills. There were many scary moments.


He was super cute. 

Have you ever fallen off at show? What happened?

Nope. Not that I can think of. *knocks on wood*

What’s a breed of horse you’ve never ridden but would like to ride?

I’ve actually ridden a bunch of different breeds. Didn’t realize it until now. So maybe a Gypsy or some sort of warmblood? But only if they’re safe and know enough to be fun. 🙂


Random baby horse picture because have I mentioned I like taking pictures of baby horses…he’s a warmblood/app cross, so we’ll say its relevant. 

Describe the worst behaved horse you’ve ridden?

Copper has had some sincere sketchy moments, but mostly with people other than me riding. 😉 Lil Man, once again, takes the cake as far as worst behaved. At least all my issues with Copper are at canter transitions (easily avoidable…) whereas Lil Man was a little more of a loose cannon and you’d find yourself barreling straight down a bank without any notice because he wanted you dead or gone.

The most frustrating ride you’ve ever had?

This one was pretty frustrating. Copper and his canter drama as usual.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Copper

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