The State of the Bump(s)

I generally groan when I hear people talking about baby bumps because I have no kids and can contribute little to a conversation about pregnancy/child rearing, but now…NOW I have baby bump pictures. Well…of Paige. 🙂

I brought her in for a spa day yesterday (more like to create a dust tunnel for me to inhale while flinging more dust into the air…yuck). I should’ve bathed her on our last warm day (Halloween) instead of Copper. She’s filthy. She turns into a mud monster in the winter though, so the odds of her staying clean are less than Copper’s. She’s easily my horse that is the most fond of being dirty.


After being groomed on Tuesday. 

She was being pretty on Friday after I upgraded to the Galaxy S7, so I took advantage of the opportunity to get some pictures of her. So far I’m really liking the S7. Can we talk about the fact that the camera is 12MP. That’s higher than my DSLR. Actually, let’s not talk about that and look at round horse belly instead.


Taken Black Friday with my new phone. 


The noble Paige is able to pose…just not like a QH apparently. Kind of parked out but the belly is on full display. 

I’ve only ridden her a handful of times recently (obviously) and mostly just walked around the pasture to enjoy the warm days we were having. She definitely needs MORE riding time, but she needed to be reset, and now that we have new shoes, we have a new complication.


Needs more of this. 


But this is an issue. 

See the lump on the front of her cannon bone? What is it? I’m leaning towards the idea that she knocked it on something. She’s lame in her front end, most likely in that leg, but the ground is so hard that it is hard to tell. She’s generally sensitive about trotting on hard ground and we’ve just now gotten some much needed rain, hence why she and I have been mainly doing walk only rides.

So yes. She’s overweight, pregnant, has a lumpy leg and is sore. According to the internet, I need to ice it if she did hit her extensor tendon in that leg on something, but I’ve kind of been watching for it to go down on its own since I leave the barn from work and have no icing materials along with me. And, dare I say it. I’ve never iced a leg. Halllppp.


Maybe the new bareback pad will have a slimming effect? 😉 

3 thoughts on “The State of the Bump(s)

  1. I don’t usually ice legs either… But I do cold hose and apply standing wraps! Hopefully she just bumped it on something and it’ll get better soon 🙂

  2. Aw, Paige looks super! I am not a leg icer…I’m a terrible horse abuser because I usually just let bumps go away on their own (or verrrrry occasionally cold hose them).

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