2016 Goals Recap (ROTFL)

So. I feel like I should preface this with the disclaimer that I was going to spend all the money on improving the farm since acquiring a baby horse wasn’t on the docket for 2016…then I won the stud fee and things got all kinds of crazy. Priorities? Out the nearest window. 

Farm Goals

Run ins (carry over goal from 2015) Didn’t happen/the pines in the giant pasture are an excellent run in, except that I can’t feed hay under them.

Footing (carry over goal from 2015) Didn’t happen because $$$. 

Concrete tack room, make other tack room updates (enhanced lighting, storage, etc.) I’m less interested in this project the more I think about it. As it stands, I could convert that area into a stall in the future if I needed to, so concreting it sounds like a bad idea.

Sell current trailer. If current trailer sells, begin the hunt for a lighter, 3 horse trailer. I sold the trailer this summer and am not currently shopping for a new one because I have a friend who is willing to haul me about for the most part. 🙂


How to make your 16.2(ish) horse look even bigger…

Make necessary repairs to barn, including adding gutters. Has not happened because $$$.

Build fence in the giant pasture. This was going to cost over 1k to do it cheaply with metal t-posts that I’m trying NOT to use on the farm long term. So it didn’t make sense to pay more than I wanted for a fence that isn’t what I want on the farm, so it remains 20 acres of rolling hills. 

Clean up giant pasture YESSSS. This (mostly) happened. The giant pasture now has piles of debris in the middle of it that need to be burned. Most of this fall we were in a burn ban so it didn’t get burned, but all the sharp pointeys are tucked within the trees, so it is (relatively) safe for horses. *knocks on wood.*

Horse Goals

Ride more often when it is warm out. I’m really regretting slacking this fall now that it is so miserable out.  I rode more this year than I have in a long time. It was pretty awesome. Of course I could have ridden even more, but between Copper being NQR and Paige being too fat for tack, it was quasi challenging (though she may not be too fat for tack had I ridden her more…)


A hippo in the mist…

Shows… hahahahahaha. Between being short on money and having perpetually lame horses, this was a no go. I’m okay with it though. I really regret the lack of lessons more so than shows.  

Healthy horses (always a goal).

  • Get an equine chiropractor out to see Copper (and probably Paige since they’d already be there). I need to find someone who doesn’t terrify Copper…so you know, not a vet. So maybe a vet in street clothes…  Copper saw the chiro 2x this year. None for Paige because she’s pregnant and apparently chiro work is known to initiate early labor.  
  • Donkey babies. Cross your fingers. I have no idea if they’re pregnant. They’re too small to ultrasound and aren’t showing heat currently because it is winter. We’ll know more come spring.  This didn’t happen, but I’m fine with that. My current herd of 7 (plus the one in the oven…) is enough for me to maintain. 
  • Healthy horses was kind of a flop this year because of all the lameness drama/Copper running through the fence. I give up. I would link to the lameness drama posts, but there are too many. Ha. 😦 

He would never crush my dreams by being lame and/or running through a fence. He would also never ask for a second breakfast…no…not him…

Personal Goals

Read more often Um. Do blogs count? I really haven’t read a whole lot. I blame that on coloring. :/ And TV. And barn chores. Yeah. I’m gonna try harder over Christmas break. 

Work toward 30 Before 30 (goal within a goal anyone?) Shoot. What’s even on that list. Might ought to look into that. (AKA fail.)

Become more fit/lose weight Dang I was ambitious. I really need to do this though. I need to be able to make a certain fat mare canter for prolonged amounts of time once she foals and in order for that to be remotely possibly I have to be in better shape than she’s in. 😉

From goals post: “As with last year, farm goals trump showing at this point in life. Since attempting to get Paige pregnant isn’t a bullet point this year, hopefully we’ll be able to accomplish more of these tangible farm goals (you know, the ones that cost money…).” 

Can we talk about that^^^. bahaha. Um. #2017foal is happening, I’m so excited! I have foal fever pretty badly, especially with a half sibling looking like this arriving in Australia this month (if you click here, it takes you to more!):


And, as you may know, I’m not even a huge fan of bays. But foal fever. It’s real you guys. Only about 110 days left. I honestly feel like it has gone by much more quickly than I thought it would, so hopefully the next 3 months will as well. My goals for 2017 should be different with a baby in the mix. I already have other new goals for the rest of this year/early 2017 before the baby(ies) arrive (secrets in that plural baby reference…).

I want all the barbed wire gone from the fields that they’re going to be in and already have the small paddock without it. I will be working on the middle field over Christmas break (if anyone is bored the day after Christmas and wants some fresh air, I’ll take the company!). I plan to replace the barbed wire with a string of electric to keep them from grazing on the opposite side of the fence. As you can tell in the picture of Copper above, the electric installation hasn’t happened yet, but the barbed wire removal has where he is. 😉

I’ll also have a list of goals regarding baby horse ground work. This foal will definitely be imprinted at birth (or as soon as I’m there afterwards if she has him when I’m not around) and halter broke early before he/she can drag me across the farm. Even though I got Copper and Robin at very young ages, these skills were already taught when they got to me, so I’m looking forward to doing all the things solo for the first time. 🙂 So. Excited. 


Foaling stall at the ready. 🙂