Highness’ Family Tree

Apparently someone started an unofficial blog hop by talking about their OTTB’s lines. I waffled on whether or not to contribute because, while I have an OTTB, I literally do nothing with her. For real. She’s been living with me for the better part of a year and I haven’t even had her feet trimmed. For the record, she has the best feet of any TB I’ve ever met (though I’ve met few compared to most of blogland) and they haven’t needed to be trimmed. It’s amazing.


For real. She for sure hasn’t been trimmed since April, and likely much earlier than that.

Back to the whole bloodlines part of this post, Highness is bred remarkably well for a random OTTB tossed out in a field in SWVA.

Top Line: Her sire, Afternoon Deelites, was quite the racehorse and won over a million during his time at the track (won 7 out of 12 starts). Highness has an interesting half brother that was sired by Afternoon Deelites that I’m fairly confident we’ve all seen… Popcorn Deelites.


Not recognizing him? Try the link above. 🙂



Also…#tbt of Highness looking a lot like her half brother, Popcorn. Having seen other photos of him, she has a much nicer head. Sorry Popcorn, you had your moment defeating War Admiral.

Anyway, her sire and brother both live at Old Friends in cushy retirement. Hubba hubba at her sire, amiright? His lines are pretty great. Bold Ruler and Shenanigans (you know, Ruffian’s mother) in addition to Native Dancer, Private Terms, Damascus, Nasrullah, etc. He was in the 1995 Kentucky Derby and finished 8th. afternoondeelites2-laurabattles-framed

His sire, Private Terms, was also a million dollar earner and also ran in the Kentucky Derby. He finished 9th in the 1988 Derby despite being 2nd favorite to win. He did win fourth in the Preakness though, which was an improvement, but he didn’t run in the Belmont. He ended his career winning 13 of 17 starts. Good pictures of him are hard to find. Apparently they named a race in Virginia after him, so you get lots of random TB’s that aren’t him winning a race named after him. Ever so helpful.


Hey look, one that isn’t bay.

Bottom Side: Her dam, High Park, sired by Herat, is labeled as a “great mare” by someone who must’ve liked her on AllBreedPedigree, but alas, her internet fame ends there. Unfortunately the top half of her pedigree makes the bottom look that much more depressing as far as internet research goes. I didn’t expect to find a photo of her mother, but of her grandsire, yes. Alas, Herat seems to be an enigma as well.

But, never fear, Northern Dancer makes an appearance! Kentucky Derby winner, check. Preakness winner, check. First non-human in the Canadian Sports hall of fame? Check. He’s actually on the sire side too, but further back, so I saved him to bring up here.


So. Basically bay horses everywhere. And enough high quality ones that I actually have something to talk about. I guess I’ll end this here because I’m lacking more good info on her lines. Basically if it is a Thoroughbred without a Disney movie or a Breyer, I’m useless anyway.


Just a humble bay mare sniffing poop.

Last minute addition. I almost failed completely. Back to the (now even more regal) top half. Secretariat. Not the horse that played him (nod to our faux Seabiscuit), but the real red king. So she also has a Triple Crown winner on her top side.


Just this guy…no big deal.

Highness raced a LOT. 46 starts. And she never broke her maiden, so it is fairly obvious that despite having so many of the greats in her pedigree, she wasn’t exactly cut out to be fast. 😉


3 thoughts on “Highness’ Family Tree

  1. So does she just live out in your pasture enjoying retirement?

    And why ON EARTH did they race her so many times if she didn’t win?!

    • Pretty much? Haha a friend got her to use as a broodmare but never did so she gave her to me and she’s just hanging out. I have no idea. Owner must’ve just enjoyed spending money. He was a senator haha

  2. My OTTB’s half brother was one of the horses that played Secretariat in the movie 🙂 and I’m with you if it’s not a Disney movie, book, or Breyer horse I have no idea about TB’s pedigree names!!!! 😀

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