Lack of Specificity

Honestly I never expected my first blog hop to be so popular (or it seems popular when your typical 4 daily views is jumping to a consistent 100 for several days in a row). I will note that SO many people who did the hop did much better at describing their areas than I did. I feel like in several ways, I fell short.


Paige has to be dark so the sky can be pretty.

You see…I’m not sure how much to put on the internet about where I am. Some were so specific that some light internet searches would reveal the name of their barn, address to said barn, location of said horse who is affable with strangers and could be easily removed from his pasture in the night. Yep. I’m paranoid.

I don’t worry too much about someone rolling up and tossing Copper on a trailer (especially not if they’ve read this blog at all…lol…) due to how he reacts to strangers. But no lie, Paige would probably crawl in the back seat of a sedan for a honey bun. So I’m hesitant to post on some topics, like where my barn is, how my farm is laid out, where in my barn I keep my saddle, etc.


King of donkeys

I’m sure someone could do some research and find out where I work, where the farm is, etc. but handing someone all of that info freely seems like throwing caution to the wind. I’m not the “caution to the wind” type of girl, and despite what having a blog might lead people to believe, I’m pretty private. I like that I own my own place and no one else messes with my horses. I can’t imagine boarding somewhere and showing up finding someone else riding my horse (it happened to a friend of mine…) without my permission. I do board horses for others, but I’ve known all of my boarders since we were 10 and took riding lessons together. I don’t advertise boarding services, primarily because I’m super picky about who I allow to board with me, but also because I like that people don’t know a) that I exist and b) where I exist.

I’ve been asked previously if I want a pretty farm sign to put at the foot of the driveway. I DO want a pretty sign with my farm name on it…do I want it at the foot of the driveway? Not really. People around here would see the sign as an invitation to inquire about lessons/training/boarding etc. and would likely just drive on up the driveway to ask someone in person and very likely, no one would be there for them to ask. My dad was this sort of person, so I don’t judge them for it, I just know not to put a sign where it can bait them up the hill. 😉


Do I seem too paranoid about this? Are there things that you don’t share with the internet for reasons of your own? I don’t mind sharing more personal specifics with bloggers I know on an individual basis, but for me and my current situation, leaving some things to the imagination seems safer to me than the alternative. For instance…do I have security cameras and a giant frothy mouthed guard dog? The internet will never know. 😉


Mares at the top of the hill by the pines. Two of mine, two boarders.

ALSO…I updated the blog hop with the links of everyone who I know of who has participated. If you did and aren’t listed, let me know and I’ll fix it. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Lack of Specificity

  1. Haha love this. It was a great blog hop and was super fun for my first one. I feel I was pretty generic? I feel the same as you at the moment.

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I do my best to remain kind of private online, does that mean people can’t find me? absolutely not, plenty of people have and I’ve met tons of people in real life, but ti doesn’t mean you have to put it all out there so its easy for people. Make them work a little.

  3. I try to keep a level of anonymity when writing to help protect my trainer and friends, but i also asked my trainer if I could write about her in my blog (and she agreed, though I still code her name unless I forget), and on occasion she has asked me to protect the identity of her horses. Sometimes this means I can’t be as honest as I might, but usually that’s only about negative things (eg last year I couldn’t post about what a piece of shit my project horse was being when i was trying to sell her).

    I’m already on the internet in so many different ways that finding me takes almost no effort. I don’t have to worry about someone rolling up and stealing my horse (funniest thought ever!) or my stuff. But I do respect that others want to be private, because it is a very personal choice!

    • Agreed. I have a few horsey things that I’d typically blog about, but they’re in the wings for a variety of reasons unpublished. I am totally paranoid about someone stealing Paige though…people be crazy.

  4. I think this is a really interesting point and I’ve noticed everyone seems to approach it differently. Personally, I walk in kinda a gray area where I don’t name names (unless given permission), but I also post enough information that 14 seconds on Google would give you a whole lot of information.

    • Yes, I knew your barn name before we became FB friends, but I swear I won’t steal Frankie…my height max on a horse is 16.2 and he’s basically a moose. 😉

  5. I try to be a little vague, though honestly it wouldn’t be that hard to figure out where I used to ride. Now that I’m at a new barn, there’s not too much info on the blog yet about it, and I try to be careful about how much detail I post. I don’t care if most people know, but you can’t be too careful on the internet…there are some weirdos out there.

  6. Since I have to advertise my business, I forced myself to stop worrying about that a long time ago. I’ve had my business site up for years and my name is easily googled. So far, no weirdos have knocked on my door and I don’t have any stalkers.
    If I didn’t have a business, I would feel the same as you and be super careful and private. Especially since I have children.

    • Yeah, I technically have a business, but I’m not interested in boarding horses for crazy people (our area has lots…) so I don’t advertise, and have gotten my current boarders by word of mouth.

  7. I totally agree. I secretly hate if randoms know where I live because my tack room isn’t the most secure at the moment. At the boarding facility I didn’t care because there was no way in hell someone could steal my stuff! But now I’m a little paranoid

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