December Ten Questions

Does your horse need shoes?

Copper and Paige do need fronts (vet suggested for Copper and Paige historically is sore in the fronts on hard ground). Copper will probably get shoes all the way around in spring. Robin and Highness are good barefoot.

What do you think of the barefoot v. shoes debate?

What I do about any debate. Meh. There are always going to be debates about something because all horse people have one thing in common: we have opinions. To blanket, not to blanket. To have shod horses, to have barefoot horses. They can keep debating and I’ll keep doing what I think is right for my horses, as I expect them to do for theirs.


Mom’s dog. I’m watching him while she’s in Florida. 🙂 

Favorite season for riding.

Fall? Spring? Summer? Sure as heck not right now.

How many shows do you think you’ve gone to?

As a rider, not a whole lot. As a photographer/groom lots.

Do you consider yourself a good rider?

Not really. I’m not an abusive rider or so bad that I’ll fall off of a moving horse (as long as those moves aren’t bucks. 😉 ), but it has been a while since I’ve had a lesson and I’m sure it shows.


She puts up with a lot. 

How experienced do you think someone needs to be to own a horse?

Not at all if they plan to put it in full care board and write all the checks all the time without questioning the knowledge of who is caring for the horse. 🙂 If they want to have opinions (see number 2…) then they should gain the appropriate knowledge to form said opinions. I do think people who take care of their own horses should show some competence prior to being solely responsible for them. I’ve seen way too many underfed horses owned by “new” horse people.


Have you ever gotten into a fight with your trainer?

I don’t really have a trainer right now. I used G most recently and we never fought.


Random Dexter, because why not?

Describe your dream horse.

Fancy. Under 16 hands. Dead broke. SOUND. Palomino/buckskin/dun/grulla paint. All the mane. Wait. Am I describing the horse that I bred Paige to? 🙂

Does anyone in your family ride?

Jason rode some when we were dating. My brother rode when we were kids and hopped on Paige once last year for fun and it didn’t look he’d taken a day off riding despite not being on a horse for 10 years…but no one actively rides.


Christmas Paige…coming to a blog near you.

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