Christmas Paige Photo Dump

So in the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to do a photo shoot with Paige…and in the spirit of humor, I decided to make it similar to a maternity photo shoot. So I gathered my supplies and bought some battery powered lights and dressed her up. I waffled back and forth on using the sleigh bells as they’re likely every bit of 100 years old and a family piece that I’d rather not ruin for the sake of some horse pictures…but it’s Paige, it’ll be fine right? Spoiler. It was fine. They were LOUD and she could’ve cared less.



Most likely April but late March would be cool with me too. There’s no way she won’t be crazy miserable by then.



This chalkboard is hard to read and I was running out of cutesy sayings so it just says Paige and baby daddy’s registered names. (Hollywood Reminic and Majestic Millennium if you missed all those baby related posts.)


She really is the most adorable and tolerant horse.


In case you’re among the crowd (two people that I know of) that jokingly refer to this as horse abuse, do know that Paige and baby were unharmed during this display of festivity. Also know that the Paigey was compensated for her happy expressions with lots of peppermints. She would like to request one of these photo shoots daily.


A candid I took in the barn because she was being cute and was very clean. I even dusted off the only intact leather halter in my collection for the occasion.

My friend, local horse trainer A, came over to hold her for me so I could take the pictures. She got there about an hour after I did, which gave me the perfect amount of time to groom Paige thoroughly (minus scrubbing her white socks because cold) and start on the decorating. I had her mane done by the time they arrived and started on the garland/bow around her belly while making A braid her tail. I’m not so great at the braiding, thus the simple band job in her mane.


Luckily A is competent at braiding and made her tail look amazing. Like I didn’t want to unbraid it amazing. I did have to take it down though since she was sporting a couple of double A batteries in the floofy bit of her tail to power the lights. I’ve never really felt the desire to ride in a parade, but if there were ever a horse to dress up and ride in one, it is definitely Paige.


The bells ended up being a LOT louder than I expected when I carried them into the barn from the car. Copper followed me through his pasture with a curious expression like he might spook but he might want to sniff the bells. I didn’t put them on him because I feel certain they may have been destroyed in his possession. He’s a bit on the bright eyed and mischievous side when not in work plus eating tons of food and taking running/bucking spurts frequently.

Paige wore the bells quietly and didn’t seem to notice them even. Her mind was 100% on peppermints if I’m being honest. Robin and her little herd of mares did come to the top of the hill in pursuit of scratches. We led Paige up to say hi to them and all four mares spooked and ran away from her, definitely not an experience Paige is used to having as the bottom of the pecking order. 😉

For no more money than I spent on this experiment, it was certainly fun. The chalkboard, lights, garland and bow were under $10 and I already had the antique bells and the antlers at the house. I’m looking forward to reusing the chalk board for photo shoots in the future and the Christmas decorations (minus the bells probably) will get to make an appearance next Christmas for baby horse’s first Christmas of course.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I’m in the midst of catching up on reading blogs and it looks like everyone has enjoyed the time off/spent with family as much as I did. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Christmas Paige Photo Dump

  1. I think she looks pretty 🙂 When the baby is born you can show him the pictures and say, “Seeee?! That was YOU in there!”

  2. Also, I didn’t realize she was bred to Hollywood Reminic! I’m trying to imagine the foal’s color… Something golden and light?! Are you going to do some reining?!

    • Have you seen him? I just love him. There are a stupid amount of foal color possibilites…Basically black, bay, chestnut and all the dilutes. Then toss in a 50% chance of tobiano haha. I wouldn’t mind trying reining in the future. We’ll see what type of baby I get and go from there. I’d like to do more western dressage/ranch riding as well.

  3. Well, that baby should be good for either of those things! Hollywood Reminic is a total stud, so she should throw a gorgeous baby. Especially since she has color too!

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