CONTEST: Baby Horse

Thanks to everyone for their comments on my last post. I’ve been trying not to worry about it since it is very possibly not happening for a few years, but when making plans (I love plans…) it is hard to consider what to do in certain situations because of what may happen.


Cookies help. Yep. There were tires in Copper’s field. They’re in the barn now. 😉 

In the meantime, I have been distracting myself thinking about baby horse. If you’ve followed the baby horse saga, you may know that I have called him/her TaterTot for most of the pregnancy since Paige is (affectionately) know as Potato. Sorry Paigey. Here lately, he/she has been “baby horse” more so because you guys, it is an actual baby horse now! We’re just a few short days away from the second to last milestone, which seems crazy. Baby horse is now about 80 lbs, 27″ long and has a full haircoat. Which means that he/she is now a color. But what color?! Here is where the fun begins. I’ve already posted this over on my personal FB page, but I want to let my blogging friends enter as well. 🙂


Eating for two. 

Comment on this post your guess for both color and gender. Also, don’t forget to specify if you think the baby will inherit his father’s tobiano pattern.

Here are the color possibilities based on what I know about their genetics:

Offspring Color Probability

8.20% -Bay Tobiano
8.20% -Dunskin
8.20% -Bay Dun
8.20% -Buckskin
8.20% -Dunskin Tobiano
8.20% -Bay
8.20% -Bay Dun Tobiano
8.20% -Buckskin Tobiano
3.13% -Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Tobiano
3.13% -Dunalino
3.13% -Red Dun
3.13% -Palomino
3.13% -Dunalino Tobiano
3.13% -Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)
3.13% -Red Dun Tobiano
3.13% -Palomino Tobiano
1.17% -Grullo
1.17% -Smoky Black
1.17% -Smoky Grullo Tobiano
1.17% -Black
1.17% -Grullo Tobiano
1.17% -Smoky Black Tobiano
1.17% -Black Tobiano
1.17% -Smoky Grullo

Reminder, Paige is bay dun and Tanner (sire) is palomino tobiano.

Tanner has sired one filly and two colts so far (more could be on the ground at any time…). Two have been colored and one is solid. One of the colored babies came from a solid mare, so it is possible that I’ll get a spotted horse finally (both Copper-Appaloosa and Robin-Paint are solid…).

Paige’s two foals were both colts, one bay and one grullo and solid (bred to solid stallions I assume).


I told them to go shake spots on their babies. They were agreeable.

Paige is currently eating literally anything and everything I’ll give her (though that isn’t remotely out of character…) and being a friend to my friend’s bay mare, pictured above, who will be foaling out in my barn any minute. Literally. We’ve been on foal watch since Friday and we aren’t sure what she’s waiting on… So I’ll have a baby horse by this weekend, but not mine. 

So go forth and comment your guess! You have until Paige decides to grace us with a baby! Most likely end of March-second week of April. My nerves (and her belly…lolz) are hoping for late March.

Prizes: I’m honestly not sure what the prize will be yet…depends on who wins? Odd as that seems…but since my FB friends, including non horse people, are entered, I may have to customize the prize based on that. 😉 wp-1485376997257.jpg

Good luck to everyone!

13 thoughts on “CONTEST: Baby Horse

  1. Even though the probability is low, I’m going with Grullo (or Grullo Tobiano because I know you want flashy color!). Mostly I’m choosing Grullo because Drifter was that color and I love it 🙂

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