Not My Baby

But he lives in my barn, so I can pretend until mine arrives? Legs’ chestnut colt was born on 1/25/17 at 11:30pm. His owner, my friend A, will likely take a few months to name him. 😉wp-1485547908173.jpg

His momma (the bay mare pictured in my previous post) FINALLY went into labor and had him on Wednesday night at 11:30. She’d been acting pretty close to foaling since Friday night, so she was certainly keeping her owner and I on our toes for a few days. On Wednesday evening she looked pretty miserable and her milk was dripping on her hind legs pretty steadily so we figured she wouldn’t be able to hold out too much longer. We went to the other barn where A has her training horses so I could get some media for her business FB and got back to my barn about 10pm to feed and wait on things to happen.

It turns out our timing was perfect because Legs started showing some very telling signs (loose poop, shaking her head and acting frustrated, etc.) after she finished her grain. Sure enough, after two loose poops and a skunk scare (will post more on those guys later…) her water broke and we turned the lights on and went over to watch and make sure she didn’t need assistance. It turned out that she needed a slight bit of help with his shoulders, but luckily all A had to do was lift his front legs and head and the rest of him slid right out.


I can’t get over his cute. 

After toweling him off and scrubbing on mama some, we tried to help him stand…and his hind legs kind of flipped all of us the bird and did nothing…except hang and let his butt sit on A’s thighs. 😉 After a little while and more towel drying, he figured those hind legs out and was shuffling around the stall following A and I around while Legs was passing the placenta. Before we went home and crawled into bed he nursed some and had settled down for a much needed nap. The little guy was bright eyed with us for almost two solid hours before we left!


Snack time!

One of the more entertaining parts of the evening was when my two horses saw him for the first time. Copper saw him early on in the night and was wide eyed and a bit crazy when he saw the baby. He hardly stayed in the stall 30 second before he snorted loudly and lept into the pasture terrified. I think he’s going to have a rough year if he’s this afraid of babies…

Meanwhile, Paige has been contentedly eating her hay since 10pm and didn’t come up for air until around 2am. Her slow feed hay bag is certainly doing its job… When she saw the baby every one of her brain cells evaporated, but in a very different way than Copper’s had. Paige WANTS that baby. Apparently her maternal instincts are STRONG because as soon as she saw him, she started neighing loudly and doing comical little rears in her stall. Must. Have. Baby. So now I’m a touch concerned that motherhood will fry her common sense once she has her own baby. Paige has been more bright eyed and curious about this baby in the last couple days than she has been about FOOD.


Looking at the baby. I have video on my instagram that is funny. Instagram link at absolute bottom of page in footer.

We’re glad that Legs went into labor on Wednesday night as it was an unseasonably warm 51 degrees and now it is back in the 30’s, windy and blowing snow. Luckily he’s good and dry with a foal blanket, so he should be able to stay pretty warm inside the barn. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Not My Baby

  1. Too cute. My mare waited to foal until the neighboring mare foaled. She apparently watched the whole thing intently and then dropped her own foal in minutes. I am sure Paige will settle a few days after she has foaled. This is so exciting!


    Gina flipped out when my neighbor’s baby was born last year. I liked imagining her plotting to go over there and steal it.

  3. Aw, he shares a birthday with my husband! he’s adorable. What a beautiful little face ❤ Ozzy was afraid of foals too, which was rough for him since I worked at a breeding farm and that's where he lived for a year…

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