VDay Photo Dump

I’m fighting a head cold and I don’t have anything truly interesting to say today, but I figured I’d share some fun pictures from the last few days that I don’t really have content to go with. I’ll add captions for funsies though.


Robin never makes it to the blog…this is her desperate attempt.


He’s jelly because the mares get the better hay. 


He did get to sample the good hay before it was stored away in the barn. 


I like calling this shot, “one baby in, one baby out.” That belly…


Speaking of babies, how cute is this lil guy?


Paige wants the baby…but she wants his mama’s food more.


They’re enjoying being outside since it has dried up so much. Not sure why they stand in the manure pit though…


Copper is still apprehensive about his new neighbor. 


But yet totally chill with his donkey besties…


Second baby is 60 days out from making an appearance…and I think this is the least chubs she’s looked in a picture since…Halloween? It’s the angle…trust me. 

Happy Galentine’s day my wonderful blogger friends! This little community means a lot to me and I love reading about your adventures! (Even if blogger/blogspot whatever won’t let me comment…) I hope you have a great day!

10 thoughts on “VDay Photo Dump

  1. Our dun mares seem to have the same expressions and I love it! I know you are dying to meet Paige’s foal. That foal is so cute, I want to hug him. Last thing, I laughed out loud at ‘one baby in, one baby out.’

    • Paige varies between cute expressions and could care less. Food is the variable. hahaha. One baby in, one baby out cracks me up every time too. 😉

  2. Great shots!! Baby is cute & so is round bale pup 🙂 I am unable to leave comments on certain wordpress sites, and can never enter my own blog address in the form. always denies, says not a valid address. No clue what the deal is with that.

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