Bumpdate-Day 297


Well, we’re about two weeks out from full term now, and about six weeks out from Paige’s due date. I think we’re going to have a baby somewhere in the middle of that because I really can’t see Paige lasting into April at this point. To be honest, I’ve said all along that I don’t think she’ll last until April because she’s as big as a house.


Pre-spa day last week.

She had a spa day last week, which she thoroughly enjoyed. I think she’s felt pretty good up to this point and would rather me keep her fat and pregnant and not ride her. Her opinion will likely change in the coming weeks. Naturally I conditioned her mane/tail and brushed them out after the picture above…only to not take a picture, then find her like this the next day:


At least her tail still looks nice? She even got the INSIDE of her hock muddy. This isn’t nearly as bad as two days ago when I went out and she had 5 (literally…) leaves and several twigs in her mane. I don’t know what tree she’s mauling, but she did a number on it.

So, here are the first “titty pics” to hit the blog. Prepare yo’self. There will likely be more.


You’ll note that in the top pic, 2/24, there isn’t a lot going on, but on 2/26, we have some noticeable development! From what I’ve been told, this is normal for 30 days out from foaling, so, like I said, between that two and six week window maybe.


This picture accurately displays the bump in full glory. 

Sometimes I feel like the side/profile shots don’t really show how big the baby seems to be, so I felt like I captured it well between the above photo and the one below. What do you guys think? Are we going full term to 342 days on 4/13?


Yesterday, 2/26/17

2 thoughts on “Bumpdate-Day 297

  1. One of our cows is supposed to calve soon, and my husband checks on her, uh, titties daily. And her lady parts. I’ve heard so much about the changes taking place, so we’re right there with ya. Looks like she’s getting close!

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