What’s In a Name

Naming horses can be complicated, and, of my four horses, I’ve renamed 3 of them. Highness gets to hold onto her name because a. it suites her and b. she’s not likely to be my horse forever, so she can continue with the identity she’s been previously given.

To summarize:

Honestly, Copper’s previous barn name of Levi didn’t bother me at all-except guess what my dog’s name was? Yup. Two Levis would’ve been complicated. Except I could’ve yelled at them simultaneously when they acted like fools…which was often:


I wasn’t particularly thrilled with Luv (even at 12 when Robin and I joined forces), and thankfully renamed her fairly easily. She goes back to a horse named Painted Robin and I found inspiration in that apparently. Go to that link to look at his picture. Then look at his show record. Times have certainly changed!

Paige’s name when I bought her (Sandy) wasn’t too terrible, but I didn’t really like it either. I tend to lean towards people names for animals (dogs I’ve named: Levi and Dexter…donkeys I’ve named: Emma, Chloe, Russell…) and I latched onto the name Paige for her without hesitation. With Copper it was a month of trying out different names on him until Copper stuck (his first coggins actually has the name Micah on it…rotfl). I guess people names didn’t really work for him. 😉

So now I’m at the point of gathering ideas for the naming of the Paige baby. Naturally, leaning towards people names, one of which will surely be appropriate…hopefully immediately, but if not over time and me calling it a million things as I did Copper (and as I’m doing A’s baby who is yet unnamed).


Two moms, no name. Such a struggle. 

The bit I feel more interested in planning in advance is his/her registered name. Copper, Robin, and Paige all have names 100% based on pedigree. Copper’s registered name has always made me roll my eyes due to it’s lack of originality (it is literally his mother’s name…but with MR added to the front since he’s male), so I’m hoping to come up with something more clever for this baby. Or at least something I think it clever…I don’t guess it matters how anyone feels since I plan to keep the baby and, regardless, I’ve not heard of anyone refusing to purchase a horse for a dumb registered name.


All the noms. 

So, readers, what are your name suggestions for Paige’s baby? I know Sarah already wants me to name it Paige Two Point Oh if it is a filly, so that option is already out there… 😀 Feel free to toss out barn names too if you feel strongly for one. Keep in mind we don’t know the gender yet, so, you know, half of the options will be thrown out because, open minded as I am, a filly name Fred isn’t in my future. 😉

In case you’ve just started following along, sire is Hollywood Reminic and dam is Majestic Millennium.

Registered name requirements:

  • Must be 21 characters or less, including spaces (APHA rules yo)
  • Can’t be taken already (you can search here if you want)
  • Would prefer it refer back to Hollywood Dun It lines from sire’s name somehow, preferably by use of word Hollywood.
  • Paige’s lines are literally from another century and aren’t really noteworthy, so I don’t feel strongly inclined to include them.
  • My farm initials are EA, but I’m not inclined to include them since I’m not really a breeding operation that will be putting babies out in the world, plus the character limit is already hard without two initials added.

The struggle I’ve found is that once you add “Hollywood” you’ve used half of your letter allowance with 10 letters (including the space after the word), so it kind of has to be Hollywood (two short words) or Hollywood (one longish word). For example: Hollywood Hot Chai or Hollywood Starstruck. Yes, I really like chai…naming this baby may prove how much. It is my favorite name so far… :P. Unfortunately it feels really feminine to me, so if it is a colt, I’m back to square one.

Help me guys!

Also, as a reminder, don’t forget to comment on this post to enter the color guessing contest! 🙂


Regardless…my baby will likely be named sooner than this one. 😉 



7 thoughts on “What’s In a Name

  1. Oh! Naming. So hard. So important! lol. I actually wrote about naming Lito once. https://13ahamoments.com/2016/11/08/lito-part-2/. Cheetah came with Cheetah and, well, I just could not change her barn name. Suited her too well, even if she was named by a 5yo. I had issues with picking her reg name because of the letter limit too. I came up with Docs InnocentDrifter from Innocent Millicent (TB) and Drifts Wily Doc. Clever to take out the space, huh? I like sticking with naming from the dam and sire. Tradition I guess. Hollywood is everywhere, so I would personally not use it. Majestic Reminic. Or you could try and make it a play on words to mean reminisce. I can’t wait for that baby. Come on dun filly!
    Carly’s suggestion is too good! I would chuckle every time I thought of it!

    • Hollywood is everywhere…even with horses without the lineage (that annoys me greatly…lol). I might go with something completely random. I like shorter registered names but haven’t come up with one I like yet.

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