Who Can Ride My Horse

I’m not positive, but Olivia may have started this un-official hop? Not 100% on that, but here is my contribution. I have a blog hop of my own brewing, but I’m having a little too much fun with it, so it is taking some time.

With four horses, this answer varies:

Paige- Literally anyone with a belly button can ride Paige safely, even without me watching. I’ve thrown a couple of people on her who don’t ride regularly as well as a friend’s 5 year old son and she’s packed them around in an open field without issue. I don’t offer to let people just come up and ride any of my horses without my supervision, I just prefer to be there. There are certain friends who are very horse savvy who would be exceptions to this, but they have their own horses and don’t want to just ride mine randomly. 😉   That being said, Paige is certainly my horse. If people want to trail ride out, I don’t offer her to anyone else and ride one of my other horses, I want Paige. (I don’t share well…)


Pretty sure he rode her in the field like this too. He’s got great balance. His mom has had him on horses his entire life. He normally has a helmet on too. 



My aunt, who rode when she was younger, on Paige. 🙂 

Robin- If you’re a competent rider, sure, why not. You sure as hell aren’t going to break her. She may break you though if her brain isn’t functioning, but you can take that risk if you want. If you like riding a green broke horse who may or may not have been ridden in the last calendar year (but has a very smooth trot), she’s your girl! I have thrown non-riders on her in the barn, but under close supervision. This was obviously before I bought Paige.


My college roommate on Robin. I promise I love her and didn’t want her to die…despite who I let her ride.

Highness- I don’t let just anyone ride Highness as she’s an OTTB and my main area in which to ride is an open field. She’s pretty safe when in work regularly, but since I don’t enjoy riding her super lots, that doesn’t really happen. She does have more whoa than go though, so confident riders are fine on her in the open field. I don’t really want her ridden by people who are going to mess her up though, primarily because A (NJ) is planning on taking her one day and I don’t want her to have to fix anything I let get broken in her brain.


A (local) on Highness last spring. 

Copper- This is probably the one where I’m most controlling. I only let people who are better riders than I am ride Copper. NJ A is always game to ride him when she’s in during nice weather, and it is something I appreciate greatly, especially since she generally gives me a lesson on him as well. He is definitely not my pony ride horse, because a) he’s got more buttons than anything I have and the last thing a beginner needs to do is tap one of those too hard and b) he’s 16.2, most beginners aren’t like, hey, let me ride your biggest horse. Plus, I have Paige.


I do enjoy seeing other (skilled) people ride him, and they appreciate him more afterwards. I’m not very good at showing him off to his potential, so people are generally more fond of him after riding him themselves. I rode him myself most of 2016, but Courtney came down and got the ball rolling for me last spring by riding Copper outside for the first time of the season and proving to me that I wouldn’t die. I may need to borrow her again this year as my confidence is sketchy again. He’s got a lot more muscle this year with which to launch me. 😉

Copper is a horse that really deserves a better rider than me, so I like seeing him work with other people, but I’ve certainly put in the time that I deserve enjoy him to the best of my ability as well. He still has some lameness things going on that will be analyzed closer after baby horse enters the world (postponing more vet bills for Copper until we’re sure Paige/baby are healthy and won’t require all my $$ post birth). He’s not in pain and is happy (though bored), so we’ll see what the issue is, then worry about riding later.

He has started mimicking Legs’ baby. I think he’s paranoid baby horse will take his place… 😉

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