Not My Baby Take Two

So this is also NOT my baby. He is Paige’s first born though, so I figured I’d introduce him on the blog. All the pictures I have of him as an adult I’ve stolen off of FB…so I’m not going to share those since I didn’t really ask his owners for permission to share and they contain his owner’s 17 year old daughter too, so I’m not going to share those publicly. 😦

I will however, tell you about how the 17 yr old daughter describes him. I talked to her on instagram for a while the other day.


Brand new. Spoiler alert…all of these pictures are horrible of Paige. 

Back when Paige was known as Sandy, she had a grulla colt in 2004. He was by Flatrock Lotsa Star, who was black and very kindly helped Paige’s previous owner fulfill her dream of breeding for a grulla. Paige and her foal, Brother, lived with a chestnut mare on a little farm in WV. He was sold as a yearling to another family in WV, who still have him well over ten years later.


When he came of age, his owner broke him to ride himself and even dabbled in mounted shooting on him. The owner’s daughter rode him hunt seat sometimes and ran barrels with him occasionally as well. They also sent him to Clinton Anderson for a couple months.


Every year they load up the trailer and take him and two other horses to the beach in the fall. He’s a quiet trail horse and the first horse that they put beginner riders on when friends come over. The 17 yr old said he’s her favorite out of the herd to ride bareback.


I’m not terribly worried that my baby will have spindly legs. 

I think it is safe to say that Brother has a home for life with his family. I haven’t been able to find out anything about her other colt, the bay, since he doesn’t appear to have AQHA papers.

I did also find out the colors of Paige’s parents. Her sire was bay and her dam was dun. I’ll be surprised if this baby comes out without black legs…


Seven months old.

Just kidding, I found a (low res) pic of him as an adult…Paige definitely stamped him.

So he’s basically the male, grulla version of Paige, based on looks and his owner’s description of his personality.

Paige is scrubbing her tail and rolling some now, and had places on her sides where she’s been biting at them and it left her hair dried funny. I’m ready for things to start to happen!

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