Paige is holding onto her baby. She continues to go back and forth between looking ready and looking like she may wait infinite amounts of time before releasing him/her into the world.

I’ve done the milk test several times at this point and the results are always the same, high calcium, low pH. Her milk has changed colors more, so things are still progressing, just not to the point of baby having apparently, despite what the milk tests says.


Dirty milk. Less see through.Ā 


High calcium (top, purple).


Low pH (fourth square down, orangey).Ā 

So basically I spent the weekend either at the barn or asleep. I did spend some time with my grandparents on Friday (which I took off because baby having looked like it would happen Thursday night…ha. ha. ha.) and my mom came to the barn with me on Sunday.


Luckily I did have one baby for her to play with. Chunk has been enjoying all the attention that being the only baby on the farm awards him. He just wants to play constantly, which is cute, but some of his antics are more horse play that what he should be attempting with a human. I look forward to my baby being a play mate for him soon so he’ll stop feeling like I’m his favorite toy.


He looks sweet but he’s 100% grabbing the string to her hoodie…

Paige has been enjoying her limited, supervised turnout and her alfalfa. Those are her two joys in life currently. She was pressing her tail against the wall a lot yesterday evening and stomping a little, but nothing came of it. She did get a good run in on Friday afternoon that left me paranoid she was going to drop her baby in the field mid-stride, but that didn’t happen either.


Alfalfa is her world.

The moon is supposed to change tomorrow to a new moon. No idea if this will help or not, but in my research, I found this thread that is interesting. So apparently Paige was bred on a new moon (5/6/16) so she should have a colt? The nail test says filly, so this will be interesting to see if either of these are right. šŸ˜‰ You know, whenever she decides to let us see him/her! The anticipation is driving me a little crazy.

10 thoughts on “Meanwhile…

  1. Chunk is really cute.

    Also your pH color will be a buttery yellow when it’s low enough for baby time. šŸ™‚ It should happen pretty dramatically.

    But I feel you on the wait. It’s killer!

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