Still no baby…

And not a whole lot to say except…

Things I hate paying for: shavings.

Things Paige’s prolonged stall life is going to force me to pay for: shavings.

Since she has been melodramatic about this whole pregnancy thing, I invested in a mobile hotspot to have internet at the barn to be able to watch her slow ass from my bed.


I meant it literally. 

Naturally, she spent the entire first night shoving her giant butt into the wall…to the point that she bowed it and busted a couple boards. That was my view all Thursday night. On Friday, S came up to help me “fix” the wall. In reality, we just put a really heavy round bale against it so that if Paige pushed on it, the hay would resist her bulk.


Obviously having unlimited hay over the wall is a perk in her opinion. 

Despite her access to the hay buffet across the wall, she hasn’t been eating as much as I’d expect. She’s doing mostly a lot of sleeping and pushing her butt against things.


New favorite wall to push now that she has hay on the other one. 

If Amanda’s mare does the SadieSmash, I think I’m dubbing this the PaigeyPush. 😉 Her milk tests remain about the same, 500 calcium and 6ish pH. She had wax for the second time this morning, but more than last time, so hopefully this actually means something this time.


Slow potato. 

Half of me is so excited about it all and the other half is still (I know, crazy) in disbelief. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve bred two different mares to four different stallions over the course of a few years and things finally seem to be going in the right direction…

I will have another horse any day now and who knows what it will look like. The mystery is never ending it seems… 😉

Meanwhile these two are still hanging out:


Chunk needs a friend his own size. 

IF Paige foals tonight, it’ll basically get to live it’s entire first week indoors since it is supposed to rain and be nasty all week. :/ Such fun…

4 thoughts on “Still no baby…

  1. Unlimited hay always seems like a good idea to horses but they slow waaaaay down once they can cram their face full of it.
    Also, your potato looks done. Not sure what she’s waiting for. Maybe better weather 🙂

  2. So, every single time I log onto insta and I see a buckskin horse, I think “PAIGE HAD THE BABAYYYY!!!!” and then I look again, and she hasn’t.

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