Wednesday Photo Dump-More Joey

So I was just going to do another photo dump today and go wordless, but I just can’t. Must tell you all the things about Joey.

He seems to be really athletic. He goes full steam ahead whenever that is an option. Tail in the air, naturally. He even seems to possess some inclination towards reining type moves and tucks his butt when he plans to stop, which is all well and good, but sometimes the rest of his body doesn’t stop and he crumbles into a heap, though casually as though it was the plan all along. I’ve been lol’ing to myself that he’s going to be this horse. 



He’s basically fearless too, which makes Paige and I both keep a close eye on him. We may both need blood pressure meds until he is past his youth. He jumps things in his path like its no big deal (when I’m not videoing of course…). He’s jumped salt blocks in the paddock, the handle of the manure fork sticking off the stick of the poop wagon (though this attempt was unsuccessful and sent the fork airborne…he didn’t spook at it banging when it fell), the square bale wall in the stall designed to keep Paige from mauling the gate/her legs again, and just, you know, imaginary things that are apparently worth jumping.


He also thinks that attempting to stand on the square bale while he’s eating sounds like a good plan. They’ve now mauled this one enough (but completely ignored the other one…) that I’ve removed the strings.

Paige has chilled out to the point that if they’re loose in the barn, she’ll not chase him if I’m scratching a particularly itchy spot or if she’s got grain. She came in her stall for grain last night and left him loping figures in the center of the barn like a wild child. I was attempting to leave for my large animal vet assisting class, so I tried to put him in the stall with her. She didn’t even look up for him and he didn’t really care to go in the stall with her. Eventually I got him pointed in the right direction. Halter breaking is going to have to happen soon since the old, move mom, baby will follow mentality is apparently not something Joey intends to prescribe to.


Joey was curious about me yesterday. I sat in a chair in the barn and watched them for a while. He came over, being all cute and fuzzy and bit me on the boob! Bad Joey. So, I immediately popped him on the neck and he jumped and walked away as though I deeply offended him. Then this happened:


So, he got twacked again. The next time he came back and started to snoodle my legs and I just wiggled them and he backed away and looked at me. Yes, biting is bad. You shouldn’t do that. So then he determined that I was boring and went back to trying to find other things (an empty feed bag) to chew on.



He did get groomed with a metal curry comb some yesterday and seemed to like that until he realized that I was trying to clean his butt. He definitely remembers those two enemas from day one. 😉 As warm as it has been, his little butt is likely getting hosed soon. Baby poop+a super light colored baby=ick. I just need an extra set of hands to either hold him or scrub his butt. I think he’d stand if that was his only option. Hopefully A will be able to help tonight so I can get him thinking some and maybe even turn him and Paige out with Legs and Chunk. Cleaning the stall is getting old and I’m running out of shavings again…

I can’t wait to spend more time with him this weekend. Going back to work and just seeing them in the evenings is frustrating, but a necessary evil. I’ll try to keep the pictures coming so you guys can watch him grow up with me! I’ve got videos on instagram @sarahczspots if you’re interested in seeing those. My blog platform isn’t fond of the whoel video thing for some reason.

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