More firsts for Joey

Well, last night was full of new experiences for Joey. He stayed out in the pasture for the first time overnight (and has been reported to be intact, and even happily eating this morning). He even got to meet his new BFF, Chunk, who he is very curious about. Paige has opinions on this naturally.


You know how you eat the ears off a chocolate rabbit first? Its instincts apparently.

We opted to let Paige/Joey and Legs/Chunk out in the little paddock area first thinking they wouldn’t have as much room to run and be silly…which is true, but there was very little of the running and being silly…I’m not sure that Legs ever broke into a trot to be honest. A and I weren’t worried about her mare anyway, we figured if anyone were to be in a bad spot, it would be Chunk trying to see the baby and Paige giving him a beating.


She’s not pictured, but Legs is as close to Joey as Paige is in this shot and Paige doesn’t care.

Paige didn’t really go out of her way to chase Chunk, but tried to keep herself between him and Joey for the most part. She was far more inclined to allow them to meet when they would casually walk up to one another verses when they were in full zoomies and ran towards each other. It was funny to watch them running at the same time, but not together because Paige wouldn’t allow it.


The results of casual walking. 

The funny thing is that Joey apparently thinks he is king of the world, captain fearless. Guess which baby constantly made “submission face” to the other? Yup. Chunk was a humble kid last night. Joey never once made the face back to Chunk (or has he ever that I’ve seen…). I’m a little paranoid that he got all of Paige’s fearlessness, but none of her humble…which should make for interesting training experiences. 😉


A little size difference. 

Mostly Joey was just excited with the novelty of everything. Chunk was just part of the equation for him, while Joey was the exciting part for Chunk. We put them in the bigger pasture before it got dark, and Paige has been in there regularly, so it isn’t anything new to her at all. When I left last night, Joey was asleep under Paige while she ate out of the round bale feeder, so he seemed to settle in well.


He spent some quality time pawing in the water trough while (maybe?) drinking. This wasn’t particularly surprising since he’s spent time standing in the puddle under the door from the pasture into the barn on the opposite side of the barn. Not sure if he’s looking at his own face in the water or what, but he’s definitely intrigued by water.

So far the only thing he has been afraid of is:


Petey! He met his first dog last night and was very curious, but as soon as Petey started to turn and walk towards him, he turned and ran! I’m sure he’ll build up (more than sufficient) confidence about him in the future and we’ll have to make sure he doesn’t hurt Petey, but until then, it’s entertaining to watch the dynamic.

And lest you think Joey didn’t run last night…


As usual, there was lots of this.

I think full time turnout is the best situation for him going forward. Naturally, I’m nervous since there are many more variables outside, but he and Paige will both be happier with more room to stretch. And I trust Paige to keep him from getting into too much trouble.

The best news is that now I have more time to watch them instead of cleaning a stall! 🙂

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