No Pressure…

I was told not to name Joey until he arrived (because I was hoarding names for when Paige foaled…) so I’d know him when I named him. Joey wasn’t on my list of potential colt names, but it seemed to fit him, so I abandoned all of the other barn names I had selected.

My list of registered names is smaller, thanks to the 21 character limit and the fact that several ideas were already taken by other horses. I’m supposed to submit three names to the APHA in order of preference when I register him.


You see, Joey is the first horse that I’ve actually registered myself. I plan to register him this week or next, I just need to see what kind of pictures I need for his papers, etc. Apparently it only costs $25 to register him with the APHA, which is awesome because for some reason I was thinking that it was in the neighborhood of $100.Β 20170416_195039

The two names I’m waffling back and forth between are both good names. One is more cutesy than the other, but they both nod back to his Hollywood Dun It line, which was my goal. I don’t really have a third name for him, but if they (for some reason) deny the two I’ve sent, I can be given more time to come up with a third name or, you know, let them pick. The horror! I’d probably end up with Majestic Hollywood then. :/


Looking like a little cow horse.


My two names that I’m pretty confident about are:

  • Hot Hollywood Night
  • Dun It For Cookies

Neither name goes back to Paige’s lineage, which isn’t a big deal to me. I feel like Dun It For Cookies is a cute name for a gelding, but Hot Hollywood Night wouldΒ be better if he were a breeding stallion. The odds of him getting to keep his balls aren’t high, I’m a weeny adult ammy and the idea of putting up with a confident colt will be challenging enough, but a grown stallion…I believe I’ll pass. While he ended up being nicer than I probably everyone expected, he was bred with the purpose to be my next riding horse, and despite the fact that he could possibly achieve more in life, that will very likely be his main role in life.


I keep coming back to Hot Hollywood Night as my favorite and Dun It For Cookies second. Even if he is a gelding, I like the sounds of the first name more. If I HAD to put down a third name, I’d probably go with Hollywood Starstruck because of his big star (and my love of star marked ponies). It seems too cliche though?


He looks proud of being dirty.Β 

So which name do you prefer? Do you have a third option for me now that we’ve met Joey?

16 thoughts on “No Pressure…

  1. Hot Hollywood Night!

    I am not super in love with Hollywood Starstruck but only because it’s linked to a mascot for an event I used to run. Otherwise it’s a nice name πŸ™‚

    Also, Hot Hollywood Lights (if you can’t get Night). Because Joey is a looker πŸ™‚

  2. Cookies! I am all about that name. You’re so good at this. Can you come up with a show name for Levi for me? I was thinking something to do with the gold rush since that’s where Levi Strauss got famous, but I can’t put something together and you’ve got mad naming skills.

  3. Lifetime registration with USEF is also very cheap in their first year of life and you might want to consider it in case he decides he wants to do some of that stuff later in life! πŸ™‚

  4. I wouldn’t be too afraid of a stallion. Unbeknownst to me, I actually owned one at 11. He was cryptorchid and they thought they got the recessed ball but they apparently didn’t when he was gelded at 3. He was literally the best pony in all the land. APHA name CPR Cuttin War Bonnet. The ONLY stallion-ish thing he did was when we went to line up in the center of the show ring he struck out and whinnied a lot (and I cried). But seriously halter and lead rope bareback all around the property. Part of me now selfishly wished we never had his corrective surgery because he would have put such a good brain on babies (and the surgery almost killed him).

    • That’s awesome. I’d have to be careful about who I turned him out with though as out of the 10 horses on the farm, eight are mares, and one is his mother. πŸ˜‰

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