Joey One Month Photo Dump

Captions are where it’s at today. Woke up with a kink in my neck and have limited attention span for writing. :/


Still not sure bout the donks.


Lil chunker. 


Over in his knees, but he looks like a little horse in this one. 



I just love his head. 


He led around the barn like a grown horse this day. Picked out his feet and tapped on them with the hoof pick as well. He just stood there. 🙂 


I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about his weight…he’s going to be an easy keeper I believe. 


I hate to wish away his baby days, but I can’t wait for him to shed. Those ear tips!


And these blue/hazel/grey eyes! I’ve been joking that they’re like mood rings…they change on me!


Power walking somewhere…note the insides of his legs are darker?


I was in my car driving away and he followed my car up the fence line and then did this…not afraid of cars or he really loves me or both?


Napping yesterday. 


He still prefers me…


…to this baby. Poor Chunk. 


7 thoughts on “Joey One Month Photo Dump

  1. It’s nice that you’re enjoying him so much. Your bond will be super strong, hopefully he’s easy for anything new you ask him.

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