This may be definitely is overreaching since Joey is just over a month old, but I can’t help but think it was some sort of fate that I have this baby.


Raccoon eyes on point.

If Paige had gotten pregnant by either of the other two stallions I attempted to breed her to in 2015, there would be no Joey. There’d be some other baby that would’ve likely been wonderful, but not Joey.

After failing to get Paige pregnant in 2015, I had foal fever in a big way in early 2016. I started casually window shopping for babies and even put together a hidden Pinterest board of the different babies I liked with comments as to price, location, my opinion on that particular baby so that I could keep track of them. Most of the ones I liked were several states away and I was going to have to make payments on whatever baby I chose since I was pretty broke after paying all the dollars to ship semen cross country and ultrasound Paige numerous times. I truly don’t want to know how much money I spent trying to get that imaginary baby.


Chasing donkeys…

While I was window shopping, I came across an ad on FB for babies in utero. I messaged the owner about the babies out of curiosity and found out that they were all higher than my price range (2k or less because broke…), but I figured as much since the parents were so nice. The owner was very nice and we talked horses on and off for a while. Naturally, I FB stalked their stallion and “liked” his page to keep in mind in case I ever became less jaded on the debacle that was my horse breeding experience.

A few days later, they posted a contest. Their stallion’s first foal crop was due to start hitting the ground and they had one mare in foal themselves and were going to have a contest to see who could guess the color of the baby. The stallion, Tanner, is a palomino tobiano and the mare is a bay tobiano, so I guessed bay tobiano and was proved correct when Elliott was born! Luckily this guess won me a free stud fee and now I have Joey!


Can’t decide if cute picture or if it looks like I went out on safari and shot him…

He was born in March, and I wanted an April baby, so I coordinated with the owner for a May shipment and she was amazing to work with and actually met me halfway to hand deliver the shipment to me herself. They live a little over four hours from where I live, so I drove up and we met in the middle of Virginia at a Cracker Barrel and I drove back to the barn and met the vet to inseminate Paige, who, I might add, caught on one shipment. 🙂

I feel so very lucky to have gotten Joey. I talk to my horses quite a lot when I’m at the barn, particularly when cleaning stalls. When Paige was stalled because she was keeping Legs company during the last days of her pregnancy, I told her it’d be nice if she could give the baby her dorsal stripe, and maybe a star. I also requested that she let some of daddy’s genes sneak through to let it be spotted. I don’t ask for a lot. 😉 So imagine my surprise when she gave me a dorsal stripe, a star, and spots!


Sometimes he thinks he’s a halter horse. Thanks Paigey genes…

I tried to prepare myself for the worst possible outcome (color wise, not health wise): a solid bay filly. So offense to anyone with a solid bay mare, but I’ve never been a huge fan of bays, and have always preferred a nice chestnut with chrome, but I already have two of those, so Joey was a welcome color variation! I also have more than my fair share of mares on the farm right now, and thought another gelding would be nice down the road.

Apparently luck has finally been on my side, and I now have Joey, who has been the best baby. I sure there are frustrating instances on the horizon, and that there will be moments when I question my sanity for revisiting having a baby horse, but so far I have zero regrets about bringing Joey into the world.


Auntie Emma teaching him about donkeys. 😉

His personality continues to win people over and he learns so well. We worked on walking over ground poles in hand the other night and, while he dramatically lifted each leg individually HIGH over each pole, he did well. A couple days later I walked across them and he followed me like a seasoned trail horse.

So it is safe to say that I love my baby horse. I can’t wait to see him once he sheds all his baby fuzz (and hopefully becomes easier to keep clean…). Until then, at least he enjoys being groomed? 😉


Also, I haven’t done a post about the winners of the contest to guess Joey’s color/gender because the only two people to guess correctly were A (from NJ) and S, who works with me. I have yet to get them prizes…whoops…but will soon. S isn’t a horse person and literally googled all of the color possibilities and randomly chose dunskin tobiano, so that made it that much more fun.

13 thoughts on “Kismet

  1. I’m so glad everything worked out and you have Joey!

    My dearest wish is for Gina to replicate herself and give birth to a bay filly next year. 😛 I would really, really prefer not to have a gray colt haha!

  2. A baby other than Joey is unthinkable. I think you may be right about Joey being kismet. Lots of things had to fall into place for him to happen.

    Also, Aria and Catalina want to know what you’ve got against bay mares, hmmmm?? LOL jk

    As for regretting the decision to dive into owning a baby…I may regret it…just a little…but only when I get my lights clocked by an adorably fuzzy head. My lip is still fat. Lol

  3. I definitely am not the “everything happens for a reason!” type, because I think you’d probably be happier if you had Joey AND all the money you spent trying to get Paige pregnant in the past (though obviously those two are somewhat causally related). However, I think that a good attitude will make the best of anything — and then you got rewarded with a unicorn baby! So that’s pretty freaking awesome.

  4. I love your baby horse, too! I’m so happy for you! And I had no idea that you “won” him. That is pretty cool in itself.

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