Poppy Filled Friday

So since yesterday’s post was hella depressing, here is a post about DONKEYS. So when Poppy was born, she and Chloe lived in the barn for a few days in the maternity suite. After a while I started to feel bad for her being in the barn so much, so I scooted Emma and Russell in with the mares/foal so that I could turn Poppy and Chloe out in the donkey paddock.


Occupying the donkey paddock as a pair.

I’d heard from someone that jacks will kill baby donkeys after they’re born, but have since been unable to find anything on good ole Google to verify this. Apparently they do kill lots of things, but my search results weren’t terribly conclusive that Russell would kill Poppy, so last weekend we decided to toss them in together to see what happened. The reason for this is that S and I built a little diet area in the shady spot behind the barn for Robin and my boarder, Kricket to occupy to lose some of the weight they’ve put on this spring. This diet lot is established fence on two sides, the long side of my barn on one side, and we strung up three strands of electric polywire for the fourth. All of the horses have been giving it a WIDE berth, but one day when I came up there, the bottom two strings were pulled down. While it could have been Joey or Chunk, odds are that they would’ve taken down the top strand as well, so I decided to experiment in the process of elimination and put the donkeys in the paddock. So far (knock on wood) the enclosure has remained up without donkeys having access to it.


An attempt at reconciliation prior to them being put back in together.

There was a LOT of fighting the first couple of days that the group was together. Russell apparently was trying desperately to express his sincerest affections towards Chloe and she wanted none of them. Emma was chilling on the sidelines mostly and Poppy would run around like the baby crackhead donkey that she is, but no one was attempting to kill her, which is a plus, obviously. These scuffles weren’t constant, so I made them tough it out for a few days. I was more worried about Russell’s safety than Poppy’s. He seems to have lived through the week (with three female roommates…) mostly intact. Chloe has bit a fair amount of hair off of him, so he looks a little raggedy. I feel like that’s fair though since he pulled a lot of her hair off of her back while attempting to create Poppy…but that’s leaning towards a PG13/R rating. 😉


Her little teeth!

Russell is losing his reproductive rights at some point this year since I don’t need infinite donkeys and since I certainly don’t need donkey incest to occur. Emma previously hated Russell, but since being separated from Chloe (and due to Chloe’s mood swings) she’s been hanging out with him a lot more. And when I say hanging out I mean, allowing him to attempt to create another small donkey addition. I never thought Emma would get pregnant because she violently rejected Russell when he became amorous previously, but I’m finding that she’s the monogamous type and since he and Chloe have parted, she is now his leading lady. It’s quite comical, but I am worried that the spawn of this union will be some sort of next level crazy donkey. Chloe isn’t as friendly/obnoxious as Russell and Emma and she managed to give birth to the sassiest little creature I’ve ever seen, so I’m wondering what donkey creation this union may create.


At this point everyone seems to have chilled out and accepted the new herd arrangement, which is that Poppy can (and will) kick anyone, but Chloe will kill anyone who tries to get near Poppy. Here are some cute Poppy pictures for the beginning of your weekend! 🙂


Creeper Poppy


Aunt Emma behind Poppy, who is almost her father’s size. Russell on right. 


Cutest face!


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