Two Months of Joey

Since today marks two months of Joey, I figured I’d put together a quick little post that shows how much he’s changed since birth. It’s pretty crazy how much he’s changed in such a short period of time. It puts me in this weird place where I want him to be little forever, but yet I can’t wait to see how he grows up (and sooner yet, sheds out!).

As you can probably tell, they aren’t great pictures to use as conformation shots…gotta work with what the baby horse gives you when you’re at the barn alone. 😉 He did go through a spell where he was over at the knees that I didn’t post a lot of pictures of really. Most noticeable example of that is the three weeks picture of his right side.

Right Side

One day old:17799271_10154571444794065_600600853239716436_n

Three weeks:


Six weeks:


Two months:


Left Side

Two days old:


Two weeks:


Six weeks:


Two months:



Two days old:


Five weeks old:


Two months old:18921759_10154740801584065_5667673805302069429_n


Overall I’m very happy with how he’s looking as he grows up. His color is going to be very pretty and I’m scrubbing him with a rubber curry regularly trying to get the hair to let loose. 😉 Joey has his first farrier appointment tomorrow, so cross your fingers that he behaves as well for his first trim as he has for me all along.

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