June Updates

Oddly enough, this is my most consistent week of blogging in forever. I figured I’d toss this post together of a few updates that on their own aren’t really interesting enough for an entire post.



Since he’s still not 100% and we’re over half way through Lyme medication, I figured I’d go ahead and send some of his hair off to test for PSSM. His full sister died mysteriously at a young age after having a PSSM positive baby, so I figured it was worth looking into. After pissing him off pulling wads of hair, I mailed them in to Animal Genetics and waited. Luckily they were very prompt and I had his results on Wednesday after mailing hairs on Friday. Copper is negative for PSSM1. There is always PSSM2, which I may look into more if the Lyme is clinically resolved and he’s still a gimpy asshole. Or I may buy a fire pit and toss all of my remaining cash in the flames. That sounds kind of like the same activity.

Instead of resetting him, I just had his fancy shoes pulled and his feet trimmed. If he’s going to be barely sound and sane enough to ride at the farm, I’m not dumping money into him right now. If he comes up lame in the front end from the lack of shoes, I’ll put them back on then, but we’ll see how he goes barefoot for a while. He did stand quietly to be trimmed last night, so that was a move in the right direction. He did want to stand and paw/scream for his mares like a loon until I brought him over to be trimmed. I had the farrier trim him first then I turned him out before we proceeded to the next four horses who were in to see him. I generally wait and turn everyone out after all the horses are done, but I didn’t want to have to listen to him being a fool while we were trying to trim/shoe everyone else.


Giant derp.


Speaking of trimming/shoeing everyone else, Joey had his first trim last night! It wasn’t much of a trim really, basically my farrier just took off some heel on both of Joey’s front feet to keep him from being so upright and to stretch his tendons out a bit more. He did pick up and rasp all of them to give him the full spa day experience, and I’m proud to say that Joey stood like a champ for the endeavor. He did start swaying like he was loosing his balance on the last foot, but once he found his balance, he stood patiently until the farrier was finished.

After Joey’s trim, Paige got new shoes on the front so that I can start riding her more. Generally I feel like I need to ride her to keep her weight down, but Joey seems to be doing a pretty good job of that himself. She’s lost a fair amount over the last couple of weeks, and Joey has gone through a growth spurt. Going to have to give mama some more foods.

While Paige was getting her shoes put on, Joey just kind of hung out with us. I haven’t taught him to tie yet, so I kind of just let him have run of the barn while Paige is being worked on (you know, when she chokes or needs shoes…). Sometimes he gets into something he shouldn’t, but this is when I’m grateful for saint Paige and just leave her standing with the farrier and go redirect Joey, then return to my post. My farrier could shoe Paige loose in the middle of the barn without a halter on her if he wanted to, so my participation is a formality at this point.

Joey did decide to nurse when my farrier was putting Paige’s left front on, so after banging the shoe with the anvil a little more (and Joey not caring at all…), I told him to feel free to just push Joey out of the way, but this was his response instead:


Farrier has jokes.

Obviously Joey is so traumatized by his first trim that he stuck around for shoes. πŸ˜‰ Afterwards, farrier just pushed Joey out of the way and continued to shoe Paige. Apparently this is the point where things got boring, because:


Can’t be bothered to stand.

Robin and Kricket (boarder TWH) both got trimmed as well. They were good, as usual. I always like it when things are easy on my farrier (and me…) so last night was a good night. It was nice to see Joey be calm and curious about what was going on. The only time he was startled was when he backed his booty into my farrier’s caddy and thought some monster had grabbed his butt. πŸ˜‰ After he glanced back and saw what it was, he shoved his face in it though, as one does.

I don’t have much planned this weekend, so I may try to ride Paige a little and work with Joey on some more things. And I guess I should lunge Copper and see if his brain is still in this zip code, and you know, if he’s sound. Hope all of my readers have a good weekend!


Trying to befriend Kricket while mom is detained and can’t intervene.

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