Updates and Dexter Being Cute

I don’t have a whole lot going on horse wise right now. Basically just daily chores. This one will cease to occur after this weekend, well kind of. Copper only has three days of tetracycline left to treat his Lyme. The palomino mare on the right boards with me and tested positive as well, and I started Copper a week or so before her, so she’ll still be getting grained.


Highness, Copper, Harley.

My game plan is to cut Copper and Highness’s grain intake (Highness is just getting grain for fun since the three are pastured together) and just lead Harley into the mare/foal field to grain her solo. I have to wait on the three of them to finish anyway, so I figure it makes more sense just to hold Harley separate for a few minutes instead of graining everything. Of course Copper and Highness will likely disagree, but oh well. Highness is actually kind of the heaviest I remember seeing her when she isn’t bred, so cutting her grain off won’t be a bad idea.


She’s one of the prettiest OTTBs. Just not as finished as I prefer to ride…

I’m working on getting someone to come bale the hay on the farm, but so far haven’t had much luck. S is working on getting ahold of someone as well. He has several people I can buy hay from more reasonably than I have in the past, so I plan to do that as well. The hay we make on the farm is good filler hay for those easy keepers to supplement them in winter when the grass gets low. Having the 20 acre hay pasture to turn them out on in winter is invaluable in that they’ve almost got enough grass in there to have them turning their noses up when we do give them hay. I’ve got ten-ish round bales left from last winter and maybe 20 square bales, though the squares will definitely be fed out this summer to Paige/Joey and whoever else is in that pasture with them and needs a little more oomph in their diet.


Joey thinks the square baled hay is ideal for napping in. Also note that little spot on his belly is a spot, not dirt. 🙂 

Robin and Kricket are continuing on nicely in their diet lot and haven’t challenged their electric fence at all. I’ve started tossing them each a flake of hay in the evening as well. They go out in the pasture with the mares and foals during the day, then in the diet lot overnight. They’re very willing to come to be caught to go to their diet lot now that they get their hay snack as I leave in the evening. They’ve lost some weight, but I’d like to see them drop a little more before I turn them out in the bigger pasture. This timing will likely coincide with when Harley finishes her Lyme disease meds, so that’ll work out well.

I got the bill for Paige’s choke the other day and was pleased to see that it wasn’t terribly large. The dormosedan was the most expensive part at $35 for the dose. The farm call was only $30 and it was a last minute I’m-not-his-customer-he-could-charge-me-the-moon-and-I-would-pay-it type of call. The total bill was $115. Totally worth calling him instead of waiting on the local vet I’ve used who just wanted me to tie her head up and see what happened in the four hours she was going to make me wait…I wouldn’t want to do that to the horse who is an asshole regularly, much less to sweet, tolerant Paige who takes care of me.


The mixed donkey herd is still working out well…perhaps too well in that I’ve seen encounters between Russell and both of his wives that may yield siblings for Poppy in the coming year. I’m planning to wait until fall to castrate him so the flies won’t be as bad for his incision.

I have been trying to take Dexter to the barn with me more often when it is dry. I don’t like giving him the option of running through mud puddles if I can help it, so if it is gross, he has to stay home. For some reason he feels drawn to Joey and will mess with him more than the other horses. I don’t know if it is Joey’s more obvious color or what, but the dynamic is hilarious. Dexter boldly trotted down the hill to Joey the other night, then when Joey walked forward towards him, he decided it was a horrible idea and ran straight back to me. On the way back down the hill later, Joey was laying down napping and Dexter became brave again and barked at Joey, getting him up, then followed him around in a manner that Joey found mildly unnerving. 😉


We took some glamour shots at the top of the hill.

The worse thing he does at the barn is eat poop. Or more specifically, he doesn’t stop eating poop when I catch him doing it and fuss at him. Also, he did about get donkey smished last time he went with me because he didn’t listen to me… Sometimes little schnauzers have problems with listening it seems…


In other news, I have joined a program at our local rec center that is supposed to help people lost weight/get healthy. We had a bone density test and our blood screened in prep for it and now we’ve started the workout/nutrition part of the 12 week program. The workouts are fun, if intense, and if I don’t lose weight doing as they’re asking us, then there is something wrong with me. I’m tracking what I’m eating and trying to stay away from sugar and stay within my calorie limit, which would be horribly hard if my husband wasn’t such an excellent cook. I can say with confidence that his skills in the kitchen and willingness to help me are the backbone of this effort. He himself has lost 70lbs or so since August by eating healthy…I’m just slow to join the effort. Here goes nothing! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Updates and Dexter Being Cute

    • Yep, pretty awesome. Even my regular vet isn’t terribly expensive, but since his practice is an hour away, the trip fee is $75. Come to the middle of no where VA, I’ll even board the Bobby.

  1. Omg poppy! Yeah that is crazy cheap vet bill. Good luck on your fitness journey:) maybe we can hike together some once I’m moved up later this year.

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