Bel Joeor Blog Hop- Horse As a Drink

Amanda at Bel Joeor asked, “if your horse were an alcoholic drink, what would it be?”

I have too many horses to do this, but here goes nothing. I also don’t drink a whole lot or consider myself an alcohol connoisseur, so having accurate comparisons is difficult.

Robin would be a rum and coke. Seemingly uncomplicated and sweet, but that after time you start to feel the effects of the strength of the rum. Sometimes after a few too many of these (rum/cokes or Robin rides…) you learn your lesson and avoid them until you’ve forgotten your last experience with them. :p



Would never be anything but sweet…lolz…

I’m going to cheat a little with Copper…he’s not really a drink as much as he is a rum cake. You’re all prepared for awesome piece of cake with the sweetness of the rum, and most of the times all is as expected and wonderful, but then sometimes they can be a little nutty…and it throws you off guard (or off to the ground if Copper…) but it doesn’t stop you from having rum cake again the next time it is available, because it’s that good when it isn’t nutty.



Yep. Nutty.

Paige would be a frozen strawberry margarita. She’s a good time, sweetened by the mix to the point that you always want one more. Can be dressed up and taken out and still be acceptable for most occasions. The epitome of the casual, happy go lucky strong evening drink.


My margarita from my DC trip in April.


See, she’s totally the life of the party, casually cantering across the field.


Joey isn’t really to the point to get classified as a drink yet I don’t think… Maybe he can be one of those fancy dessert drinks like a White Russian. Obviously this is a play on his color plus the fact that he’s a sweet boy more than anything.



Confession…I stole the above photo from a blogger…and now I want to try her recipe. So…photo credit to: Basil&Bubbly

I don’t really know Highness enough for this…the donkeys can all be those little cans of Strawberitas. Because sweet and tiny? Idk. This is as good as this hop is going to get from me. 😉


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