Hot Few Days

I went out to K’s and rode Paige on Thursday evening. Holy wow was it hot though. She was a little looky and had ants in her pants, so when she volunteered to jump up into the trot all by herself, I lol’d and was like, okay, sure, we’ll trot. She regretted it. We cantered a lap each way…it wasn’t pretty or anything, but she was willing? Her sidepass has improved a lot, and after a quick break to work on it a little, she was less rushed at the trot in the heat. We called it quits after that because she (and Cherokee, K’s horse) were really sweaty due to the heat.


Such enthusiasm.

I took Friday off because A from NJ was in town! Initially I planned on forcing her to ride Copper and allowing her to ride Highness, but the same heat stole our motivation and we did good to play with Joey and scrub a water trough. ha.


We got Joey’s pictures for his papers!

After taking the pictures for Joey’s registration papers, we checked on Copper and Highness, and I tossed Copper out on the lunge to get A’s opinion on how he’s going and she thinks he looks the best weight and movement wise that he has in years. Lyme disease was apparently a pretty major problem for the Copperhorse. He looked so strong and balanced on the lunge line, even picking up his troublesome left hind lead more than not.


They got scratches


So did the donks.

The heat was pretty much intolerable though, so after scratching all the ponies and making sure they had water, we retreated back to the air conditioning and talked horses, naturally.


Hot and miserable.


Will prick his ears…opening his eyes was too much to ask.

Before we left the farm, I went ahead and tossed Copper and Highness out in the 20 acre hay pasture. The lack of rain means three things: limited grass in the fields close to the barn; no second cutting on the hay field; and limited water in the well. So with Copper and Highness turned out on lots of grass in the hay pasture, that means they’ll be drinking creek water and giving the closer fields a break. Kricket and Robin are easy keepers and don’t need the excess grass, so they as sad to still be in the field with limited grass, but it’s in their best interests really.


They seem happy. Note Kricket in the background behind them.ย 

In other news, Joey has been lame for a week now. I’m unamused. He seems dramatically more sore in his heel today than he has, so I’m crossing all crossables that it is an abscess. If he keeps the limping up much longer I’m going to have a vet out though. I would’ve already had one out, but he’s seemed to be getting better? I separated him from Chunk and his mother and gave him A’s other broodmare, Harley, as a buddy. Chunk was running him and trying to get him to play, which was likely not helping the situation.


I’ve been giving him some bute to help with the pain. I initially crushed it and put it in his grain…then he dumped his grain. So I wasn’t sure how much was actually making it into the baby horse. So now I crush it, dilute it with water, and give it to him orally. Luckily he doesn’t care and I can grab him without a halter and give it to him without much protest.

I’ve lowered my expectations of him right now, so I’ve been avoiding things that may prompt a fight…like walking through mud. Such a prissy colt. The only other way to put him in his little lot with his new mother is through the donkey field. Poppy thinks he is her horse and ambushes us every time. The cute is too much:


“Dis horse is mine”ย 

Naturally Joey came in with a battle wound from who knows where yesterday. I can’t find where he put his legs through the fence (only thing that makes sense…). I’ve apparently forgotten how baby horses enjoy maiming themselves. So, here’s Joey’s first cut. I hosed it some then slathered it in corona. Contemplating buying stock in it and maybe vet wrap for the next few years.


To cap off the weekend, I went to K’s again to ride Paige. This time we planned a little better since K didn’t have to get to her night shift job. We rode at dusk and were able to ask more of our horses since it wasn’t nearly so hot. Paige wasn’t nearly as eager to trot like a loon, and I actually asked for my upward transitions, which was refreshing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our canter is tolerably controlled going counter clockwise, but for some reason our clockwise canter is meh at best…and lacks all steering. At first I thought it was me being a passive lump on her back, then K jumped on and had a similar experience…so yay? Still something we need to sort out. I’ve been talking about getting some chiro work done on Paige, so that may happen sooner rather than later, but after the clinic on Saturday.

Speaking of the clinic, apparently there is talk of postponing it if the heat remains how it has been. There is a rain location, which we may need because right now it is calling for rain and supposed to be 79 degrees…which sounds downright refreshing considering it has been staying in the 80’s after dark. Lots of people I know are already feeding their hay for winter since we haven’t had any rain and the grass is dead or gone. This may not seem too unusual if you live somewhere that feeds hay year round, but keep in mind most people around here only feed hay November-March. Luckily I think I’ll be ok since I have the hay field that has some growth on it. It poured rain for a long time last night, and hopefully we’ll get some more soon. It’s so dry.


It was thundering and lightening while we were riding last night. We were giddy at the possibility of rain. We don’t even mind if it rains out all the things for a while. If they postpone the clinic for heat K and I have already decided to head into the mountains for another (shorter this time…) trail ride. Paige is picking up weight nicely out at K’s and it’s creeping its way to her topline thankfully.

I also squeezed in some culture this weekend and went to a play with my mom, my aunt (who won free tickets, yay!) and a friend of my mom’s. My grandma got me a pretty dress for my birthday and I’d yet to have an occasion to wear it, so I made sure it got some use this weekend. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The play was an “adult” comedy. It was pretty much set in 1923 England with a bunch of people who were cheating on one another. I won’t tell you more because spoilers. And it is coming to Broadway soon, so you should see it there! So good! Called The Cottage.


Mom and I took a selfie with the VA LOVE sign…or the O at least. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

One thought on “Hot Few Days

  1. I can relate with the heat and dryness. I’ve been getting pretty concerned about there being enough hay for the winter. We would gladly welcome some rain!

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