WW Joey Progression Pictures

In case  you haven’t noticed (lol) I’m pretty well smitten with Joey. I’m sure at some point while he’s growing up and learning how to adult he will frustrate me, but so far he’s been remarkably easy and really enjoys my company. With Paige gone, he’s a little more herd bound to his friends, but still very sweet and easy to get along with. I thought I’d throw together a progression post of sorts because when I see these old pictures, they kind of startle me with how quickly he’s growing up on me. Enjoy!

Left side:





Right side:






Also, look how much things have changed for both of the boys…


First meeting


Best buds




to besties. 

14 thoughts on “WW Joey Progression Pictures

  1. Genuine question here, not trying to be snarky, since I don’t know much about western breeding. Is the butt high’ness a desirable trait? I know that stock horses especially tend to be butt high and also take a lot longer to grow out of that than TBs do, but I don’t know what’s considered ideal for reining/working cow horse (which i think is what his sire does?).

    • No, it’s not desirable, he’s just growing. He’ll hopefully be level when he stops growing. He has a lot of butt, so I think it makes him look even more hip high.

      • I wasn’t singling him out with that question, because I’ve seen that in a ton of stock horses. I figured it was how they grew, but sometimes I see older ones that still are high so was curious. I am super jealous of how built up he already is in his mighty butt because I own a triangle butt horse 😉

      • Yeah, some don’t level out, which is unfortunate. Hopefully he will. Copper was like this the entire time he was growing up and I think he’s level if not a smidge uphill now. Joey has have all the butt! Hard to avoid with his parents being so generous in that deparment 😉

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