Breaking the Silence

Well, I haven’t shared as much on here lately as I should have…here are some photo updates on everyone, starting with Cheddar:


Cheddar continues to entertain.

Cheddar is the craziest cat. I think he thinks he’s a dog? Either way, he loves me and he loves Joey. Luckily Joey is fine with him and likes to sniff him. He did open his mouth to nibble Cheddar’s ear the other day, but stopped when I said “no.” The game plan right now is that if Cheddar is still hanging around once I’m back from the show/beach, I’ll get him fixed/up to date on everything. I just don’t have the money to invest in him until after that.


We’re still prepping for the show…which is now less than two weeks away.

Most evenings we lunge each way for 3 or 4 minutes at the trot then trot in hand and set up. As you can see, Joey stands squared a lot now on his own thanks to my obsessive foot placing. I’m just hoping it sticks in his brain in the show ring.


Joey had his first bath (with soap…)!

He stood well for this and LOVED the scrubbing part. A came to visit a while back and commented that he stands so well to be groomed so firmly. I’ve kind of treated him like a grown up from a young age where a lot of things are concerned instead of babying him, and this is paying off in that regard. When I was bathing him, he leaned into the scrubbing enthusiastically. He stood for the hosing, but wasn’t nearly as fond of it. I didn’t wash his lower legs, head, or tail when I bathed him, so hopefully those will go well at the show. I know most horses hate having their faces washed so I figured I’d let the practice bath be less traumatic.


I banded for the first time in years to practice for the show.

I’m no professional at banding and I can’t braid worth a dang, so I figured I’d go ahead and practice banding for both of us. He was a little wiggly, but he’d been in the barn tied for over an hour at this point and his friends were neighing to him. There’s only so much patience you can expect out of a baby. Luckily we’ll bathe/band the night before he shows so he’ll just have to be reasonable for final prep/grooming and actually showing. I’m hoping to get him in the coliseum Friday night so he can see all the things before I take him in there and ask him to stand still for long periods.


We practiced trailer loading. Joey loaded/unloaded great. The concept of lifting his foot to step up was completely mind boggling though, so we lifted and placed his front feet and then he stepped up like a pro… He eventually did it himself and we let him end on that, hopefully encouraging him to remember for next time. We’ll practice again Thursday hopefully. 🙂 Once he was on the trailer (that two strange horses were already loaded on lol) he stood and ate hay and sniffed Poco’s flank.
20170819_191350Trying on pajamas for the show was comical. It is a pull on slinky, so he wheeled backwards (as predicted) when I pulled it over his face and temporarily blinded him. Once I pulled a hole over one of his eyes and he caught sight of me, he stopped immediately and waited for the crazy human to continue torturing him. I expected dramatics with the slinky, but I didn’t think the sheet would be a big deal since I’ve flapped saddle pads on him. Apparently the jingly straps were alarming because he jumped out of his skin and flailed for a second…then realized he wasn’t dying and stopped. As you can imagine, further desensitization was done with the sheet before we were done.


He follows me around sometimes…



Okay, we take selfies. He’s the best boy. 

I love any pictures I can get of the two of us together because I have so few of me with my other babies as they grew up, and despite being worried that I don’t look good in them now, I know I’ll be glad I have these with Joey when he’s grown.


The same goes for this tiny devil. Poppy is sassy and living her best life. One of the donkeys knocked a fence board down last week and they stormed Joey/Chunk’s field. Mayhem ensued. Not really. The donkeys did invite themselves to dinner with the colts often though. Neither colt looks like they’ve missed any meals, so I didn’t stress about it too much since they all ate out of the big pan harmoniously. Poppy hasn’t figured out grain yet, which is fine since she’ll likely never get any if she has her mother’s metabolism, so she just chased the cat while everyone else ate. 20170817_201757.jpg


All three babies

My grown horses have been enjoying their time off. Paige is still at K’s and I haven’t been on her since the clinic. She’s been gaining weight and drying up and will be coming home Thursday. The chiro is coming and K is hauling two in for appointments and is bringing Paige when she comes. Paige will have her first chiro appointment on Thursday, and I’m interested to see how her experience compares to Copper’s.

Speaking of Copper, I’ve done a whole lot of nothing with him, but all of that is about to change for a couple reasons. First the big turd managed to get scratches/dew poisoning on his front legs pretty badly, so tonight I’m going to man up and pull him in and treat that. I’m dreading it because, as you may remember, last time we hung out wasn’t the most pleasant. Okay, that might not have been the last time, but it is the one I’m worried will be duplicated, especially since he’s not going to be fond of me messing with his ouchy legs. He’s been out on seemingly endless pasture with 3+ girlfriends for a while now and it isn’t likely that his brain will be intact either.


He’s cute but he can be an asshole.

The second reason I need to pull him in and put forth an effort is because, gulp, we will be starting dressage lessons this fall. Though, if he’s an asshole, I’m honestly not up to pushing through it. I’ll just ride Paige. Dressage horse extraordinaire, she is not, but if she’s willing to show up and try and he isn’t, I’m going to get the best bang for my buck and learn something on her as opposed to waging war with him. Does it feel like a huge waste to have him standing out in the pasture? Yep. I have previously said that I’ll put him in training this winter, but if he is a raging asshole who can’t be ridden outside of a program, it honestly isn’t worth the money to me to put him with someone, then bring him home and still fight with him if he isn’t getting ridden 5x a week. If he’s going to be that horse he is either going to have to find the miracle unicorn lease situation or be a pasture ornament, because my lifestyle just doesn’t allow for me to ride him that often. If your response is something like, “you make time for it” blah blah, yes, I could make time, but I don’t trust him enough to ride him without supervision, and I’m not going to make someone come to the barn with me that often just to watch me ride.

Sorry…that evolved into a bit of a rant. He hasn’t even been that dangerous lately, but I’m not a very sticky rider, and our success last year (success=consistent outdoor rides, even at the canter) could be attributed to him possibly feeling like poop because of his raging Lyme disease. So basically a lot remains to be seen about Copper’s work ethic post Lyme treatment, and I’m not optimistic that I won’t die.


He and Highness still love each other. 

Highness and Robin continue to be easy keeping field ornaments. Nothing new to report there. I did catch the two grooming one another over the gate the other day, which is the most affection I’ve seen them share.


Dirty, happy mare.


Copper, Highness, Legs (Chunk’s mama) enjoying life.

Chunk has been weaned and his mother is in Copper’s mare band now out in the hay field. Copper is very fond of his bay girlfriends.


Also, an introduction is in order, this is Freddie. He isn’t mine, sadly, but he looks good in my tack, and I get to ride him some. He’s a Friesian who is in training with A. He’s schooling piaffe, or was with his dressage trainer. He’s with A basically to see if our cooler mountainous climate is kinder to his allergies/sensitivities. His people have tried all the things (literally, I saw them in his tack box) and the last thing their vet recommended was a change of scenery. I don’t know what the end goal will be with him, but they’ve told A to seek out a dressage trainer and learn some things on him, hence the commencement of dressage lessons for us both. She will be on Freddie and I will be on whichever of my horses doesn’t want to kill me. I got to ride him Sunday night, and he is definitely a kick ride, so I didn’t attempt to canter him without spurs as it likely wouldn’t have lasted long. Freddie is more the high knee action/carriage driving type of Friesian, so his movement feels very different from what I’m used to, but he’s a quiet boy and was fun to ride the other night.   Sometimes it can be fun to try something new.

Like camping at a horse show…which I may ask for advice on soon. 😉

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