Hilton Head Beach Trip 2017

In previous years, Jason and I have always gone to Florida (gulf coast/St Pete area) over our anniversary, but since he’s in nursing school, it has been harder to schedule these getaways. This summer I started to put together a plan to escape to the beach, but ut didn’t really go as planned. Originally Jason and I were going to take a long Labor Day weekend in Florida and my mom was going to go along, then Jason decided that he didn’t feel like he could be away because it would compromise his ability to do his homework, so it was just going to be my mom and I going. No big deal, until she also backed out on me.  Luckily no reservations had been made at this point because I thought something like this may happen.

I casually mentioned all of this to my friend who was my roommate during my days at Virginia Tech, and she mentioned that she could use a beach trip as well. She lives in NoVA, which is 4+ hours away, so I don’t see her as often as my other friends, so some time away together sounded like a great idea. We did decide not to drive all the way to Florida since she was already driving the 4 hours down to meet me here, so we ended up in Hilton Head, SC. As you may have noticed, hurricane Irma was threatening the southeast United States by the time we were scheduled to leave, so our 6 night beach trip turned into a 4 night beach trip when we opted to evacuate early to (lol) avoid the traffic that would come with the mandatory 10AM evacuation the next day.

We left for the beach on Monday, the day after I returned from the horse show. This made for a lot of travelling for me, but it ended up working out fine.


The view of the ocean from our balcony. 

We ate really well while we were in Hilton Head. We decided in advance that we would grab groceries to have for breakfast and lunch in the condo and to eat out in the evenings. I had brought some great home grown tomatoes from my backyard plants, so we ended up eating some very tasty caprese salad for lunch a few days and leftovers from dinner on others.

The first day was pretty much all driving. We made it to the condo at dusk and walked out on the beach to look at the moon. It was really pretty.


We slept in pretty much every morning. MC would get up and do her daily run while I leisurely got out of bed, had breakfast, and played on my phone. Once she was back and had eaten breakfast, she and I would head to the beach. When Jason and I go to the beach, we’re in the water a lot, so this was a different sort of trip, because while I swam a fair amount, we did a lot more reading on the beach.

I did get pretty sunburned the first day I was there and was much more diligent with sunscreen for the remainder of the trip. I don’t generally burn too badly when we go to the beach in Florida…so this was unusual for me. I think the cool breeze gave me some false sense of security that it wasn’t as hot/I wasn’t in the sun.

As far as our dinners went, we ended up hitting a Mexican place the first night, a pizza + daiquiri place the second, Greek the third (omg so good), then a Southern hipster type joint, then lastly we had seafood on Friday as we were evacuating. We had dessert most nights, so dinner+dessert was a very special treat since I’ve been cutting back at home. I definitely ate what I wanted for dinner instead of tracking calories as I have been since June, but I’ve been back on the bus this week. The food was so good though.

We did a little shopping one night, but mainly because we both saw and liked these tank tops when we were looking for the pizza place on Tuesday. We didn’t have shopping money on us that night (we walked to that shopping center for dinner and only took the money we would need for food) so we went back on Thursday night since we realized we’d be leaving the next day. I got two tanks for $10 each, one that says “#dogmom” and another that says “my dog likes me, who cares what anyone else thinks.” MC got the #dogmom one and one that says “#namastayinbed.” I liked that one too, but I only need so many tank tops…well…my wallet says so because I don’t recommend pre-gaming a beach trip with a horse show…either for your wallet or your diet. 😉


The water was a little rough on Friday, so I didn’t swim, we just stood in the shallow water for a while, then when we overheard someone talking about traffic already getting bad we decided to go ahead and pack up and leave after a late lunch vs. waiting until after supper.

That ended up likely being a good idea because we were on back roads for over an hour, then sat in back to back traffic until we got to the NC border, which I’ve never been more glad to see in my life. Once we hit Charlotte, it was smooth sailing the rest of the way to my house. MC stayed in our guest room overnight, then she got to go to the barn with me the next morning to meet Joey and Poppy. At least by getting home on Friday night, I got to see Jason for the last two hours of our 5 year anniversary that I bailed on him for, plus it meant MC didn’t have to drive the extra 4 hours to get home until the next day.

I didn’t bother officially restarting my diet until Monday since I knew Jason and I would go out somewhere for our anniversary on Saturday night since I was home from the beach early.

Overall it was a great trip despite the fact that it got cut short. I enjoy any time I get to spend at the beach or with MC, so the combination of the two was bound to be enjoyable regardless of the situation. 🙂


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