Tuesday Randoms

With all I’ve had going on lately (overnight horse show + beach + catching up at work after taking time off for those two things), I need to post an update on some smaller items.

I think I’ve casually mentioned a couple of times over the summer that I’ve been working on losing weight/working out/becoming healthier. Back in June I started a fairly intense weight loss/exercise program at our local rec center. It was free if you qualified (residence and BMI requirements pretty much) and included two trainer led group workouts on Monday/Wednesday, a nutrition class on Tuesday, and we were required to do at least one hour of exercise on our own in the center.


Cute Joey pic bc no one wants to see my sweaty post gym selfies πŸ˜‰

I ended up making myself do an hour of extra exercise almost every day that we didn’t have class (so basically Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun) instead of just an hour a week. This means that I didn’t get much riding in this summer, but honestly, it was worth it. My idea of an hour of exercise equals an hour on the treadmill at 3mph with the incline set up enough to feel the burn…while watching Reign on Netflix to distract myself from said burn. It worked. I started out being wore out after one mile, and ended the program easily completing 3.1 (or a 5K, I’ve learned haha) at various incline levels.

To date, I’ve lost 30 pounds since June and several inches (though only .5 off of my calves…never gonna be able to do off the shelf tall boots…lol). I can actually comfortably wear and REMOVE my wedding band and my engagement ring for the first time in 4 years or so. I haven’t worn them for over a year until this month, so that was an accomplishment. All of my clothes are loose…even some stretchy “skinny” jeans that I used to love. Luckily I’m a hoarder and held onto all of my clothes while I gained all of this weight, so I have an entire wardrobe of outfits ready for the way back down the sizes.


These weird pants fit again.


Ate a ton of these this summer, dreading my plants dying.

On the health side of the weight loss, my a1c dropped from the beginning of pre-diabetic, 5.7, to a more healthy 5.2. The program included free bloodwork at the beginning and end to accurately track your progress, which was super neat. All of my other numbers dropped slightly as well, but that one is the most dramatic. I feel a lot better and I don’t get out of breath from walking up steps anymore, which is also a great thing. My BMI dropped from 38 to 33. The program was also a competition, and I won second place for most weight lost. My next door neighbor beat me by 3 or 4 pounds for first place.

As an aside, my handsome husband has lost 90 lbs since last year. He was much earlier to the get healthy game than I was and his support (and pro level cooking) is why I was so successful this summer.

As far as goal weights go, I’m kind of meh. I’d really like to not be classified as obese, so that would mean getting down to around the 180 range, which is my first of 2018 goal. It does seem that the weight isn’t shedding as easily now that the program is over and I’m working out solo, so that might not be as attainable as I’d like it to be. I don’t want to weigh what I weighed when Jason and I started dating-I feel like I looked too thin at 140. I think my ideal weight (in my head at this point) would be a more fit 160ish. I’m honestly not upset with how I look now at 206, but the psychological side of being over 200 lbs is frustrating.


We also had 5 year anniversary pictures taken on the farm. πŸ™‚

That being said, I’m not super great at setting goals. I feel like, especially with horse goals, you’re almost asking for something to go wrong to derail your progress, hence why I didn’t establish any this year. I think in hindsight they would’ve been something like:

Horse goals:

  • successfully treat Copper’s lyme disease- complete
  • halter break/train Joey to do all the basic things- complete
    • tie
    • bathe
    • clip
    • trailer (still need to work on the stepping up on his own part)
  • haul Joey to a show (I was thinking much smaller than what we actually accomplished here)- complete
    • RR October Fun Show (can’t go, hosting a bridal shower)
  • Trail ride Paige- once so far, more pendingΒ 
  • Ride Copper in lessons to prepare for dressage shows- hah, has not happened
  • Lessons- pending

Personal goals:

  • lose weight- down 30 lbs
  • read more- I read one book at the beach? haha
  • chip away at #30before30 – I did a couple things?!


My last random fun thing to mention is that MC came back down this past weekend (I know, she can’t get enough of me lately haha) to run the Hokie Half Marathon at our alma mater. This was already planned prior to our beach trip. She brought her boyfriend, who Jason and I REALLY like, and her two dogs to stay overnight at our house. Dexter and Turbo played super well together since they are both small and young. Toby really wanted to play with Ariel, but she’s so socially awkward in the face of new people that she mostly pretended to be a pillow on the couch for the duration of the visit, as expected.

While we were at the beach I mentioned to MC that I’d like to have anniversary pictures taken of Jason and I since it was our 5 year anniversary this year and she volunteered her boyfriend to do the honors since they were coming in the next weekend. I love the pictures he got and am struggling to pick a favorite, so here are a few of them:


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Randoms

  1. Whoo! You did such a great job at your challenge #soproud. It was so fun seeing you again this weekend and I LOVE the pictures. You two are so cute!

  2. Once again, I’m just super happy for you, that’s a real accomplishment!! Fresh tomato sandwiches are great in the summer. I love all those pics. Happy anniversary!! Mine is tomorrow. 14 years πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats!!! 30lbs is an amazing job. If you’d like to know how much fat you have to lose versus what all those silly BMI charts say you can get a SECA test done. I’m getting one (if they ever call me back!) because I think I have way more muscle than the scale leads me to believe. πŸ™‚
    Also, all you goals still made more progress than mine. Haha.

  4. Great post and congrats on the weight loss and the horse goals. Thanks, too, for posting so many of the horse and donk pictures–they make my day. πŸ™‚ I’ve always had trouble fitting my calves into high boots. Sigh. The anniversary pics are wonderful. Why choose just ONE favorite??

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! Both you and hubby look great. I’ve been way more active since I moved to CA, but need to get a handle on the healthy eating side of things… always a struggle.

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