Showing Wish List

So after showing at Lexington earlier this month, I’ve realized there are a few things that I need to start hunting over winter for next season. Most of these things I’m fine with getting used off of the wonderful FB for sale pages, but some I’d like to get new and will likely be putting on a Christmas list. πŸ˜‰ So, if you see anything that sounds like a good fit for the below list in your searches for your own things, hit me up.

For Joey (fine with used for all of it since he’ll be growing out of it soon):

  • Slinky (yearling size)
  • Sheet (yearling size)
  • Shipping boots/wraps (so leg protection while hauling pretty much).
  • SMB boots, small for schooling would be a good idea. Copper’s from his yearling year may work…we shall see.

For Me (*=fine with used):

  • Paddock boots, 8.5*
  • Show shirt for dressage schooling shows*
  • Jacket/coat for dressage schooling show*-honestly no idea where to start shopping for this haha. Do I have to have one? Clueless right here…

(Yeah, apparently I still have some delusion that Copper and I may eventually make it to the dressage court. ha. Maybe I should start riding him or something…)

  • Western show pants/nicer khakis? Like these or these?
  • New western show shirt*, preferably not a button up
  • New boots- let’s be honest, these Ariat fat babies I got on fb in the spring will look trashed by next show season.

Other random stuff

  • Orvus to get the Joey sparkly white
  • Garment bag for my clothes (I totes shoved mine in with K’s at Lexington)
  • Hat can
  • Rolling cart/carrying thing to move all of our stuff

His tail is growing!Β 

Also, I think Joey wants to put in a request for a few of these. πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Showing Wish List

  1. Is a hat can the same as a hat box?

    We named my sisters Harry and have for sure been asked if it was an instrument before… yeah my tuba collapses πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. that’s a great list. I know that using shipping boots is a ‘topic’ but I have found horses to be more restless with them then without. A garment bag is a must. I bought a fold up wagon from Canadian Tire and it’s an awesome thing to cart stuff in. ( here it is on Amazon. I get a lot of questions at shows as to where i got it. You can also wear a vest at dressage shows instead of a jacket if you wish.

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