WEG 2018-Planning

Well, as I’m sure many of you have already heard, the World Equestrian Games will be held in Tryon, NC this coming year. While many of you live in more populated areas and have been to a variety of big shows within a reasonable driving distance, this is the closest that an event of this magnitude will be to southwest VA. With that in mind, I did the totally reasonable thing by reserving a hotel room a year in advance. Luckily reserving a year in advance got me a reasonably priced room in a town 20 minutes from the TIEC instead of all the way in Charlotte, where most will be staying.


Peppered with majestic running Joey bc why not.

They have *finally* posted some ticket information on the Tryon2018 website. It is frustrating still because they’re selling package type tickets (entire disciplines, weeks, days, etc.) prior to individual event tickets. I totally get their reasoning, but since I booked my hotel from Thursday-Sunday (13th-16th), and I mainly want to see reining and dressage, but not all of either, it makes it somewhat complicated for me.


I don’t want to buy the ALL reining pass  ($140) because I’ll only be in town for 2 of the 3 reining events, but then again, people who buy this package will get priority on choosing seats…so do I buy the group and try to sell my seats for Wednesday online? I have no idea how much the individual reining sessions will cost to purchase them individually. If I buy the reining package at $140, is there a savings to factor in? Will the reining individual tickets be more or less than $70 per session? Further, reining only lasts from 2-4:15 on Thursday, so should I buy that as a day pass and just add the other reining event separately that way I can watch dressage on Thursday too? Likewise, reining only runs from 6-8:15 on Saturday, so will they come out with an all day Saturday pass that would also let me into cross country?


Then there is dressage, which is even more complicated. My gut says to buy the full day all events pass for Sunday the 16th so I can watch both dressage and skip over to eventing stadium jumping if I want, but whoa now. Those $90 day passes are only good for weekdays, so that won’t work. And naturally, Sunday is “Super Sunday,” whatever the heck that even is. Like, will that make Sunday events more expensive on their own? And if I have to do that, I’ll likely only be buying for dressage, but freestyle finals are Sunday, so I want to be there for that if no other dressage.


More cute baby horses to break up the text. 

Shopping day

My initial gut instinct was to not buy tickets for Friday and use it as a shopping day, because I’m assuming there will be a ton of shopping to be done. Of course, if I wanted to make this less complicated, I’d just buy the weekday pass for Friday and watch dressage that day and do my shopping on Sunday, but what if all the most magnificent of the dressage work is on the last dressage day-Sunday?!

In summary, WEG sounds like a blast, but is also hella confusing. Is anyone else planning to go? Did I mention I haven’t talked a single friend into committing to going with me at this point? I think I’m just going to end up buying an extra set of tickets to whatever I decide on and hope someone decides to go along and buy the extra set of tickets off of me.

Right now I would like them to offer magical Saturday/Sunday all day passes so that I can bounce back and forth between things. I’m leaning towards going ahead and buying an day pass (or two, one for my mystery friend) for Thursday, the 13th and waiting to see what they come up with for Saturday and Sunday after they sell the package tickets. I would ideally like a day pass on Saturday, but if it is too high to have one on Sunday, I’ll just opt for freestyle dressage on Sunday.


Joey snoodles. He ALWAYS does this when I hold the phone up for a selfie. 

If I sound confused, it’s because I am. Any hints, tips, suggestions, etc.? Anyone else going?


9 thoughts on “WEG 2018-Planning

  1. I would totally go with you! I kept saying when they announced it I wanted to go, but I’ve been bad and I haven’t even looked at hotels.

  2. Man I just looked at the passes and that is going to be hard to figure out what’s best. Show jumping is my priority, and of course it’s the most expensive. I’m going to have to look at what dates I can feasibly be there with my school schedule and then what’s going to be the most economical choice for it all.

  3. Going to the WEG is on my list. But I can’t this year because we are going to Europe for a vacation. I have no idea how you could decide what to buy/see! It all sounds very confusing.

  4. I don’t think they could have made it any more confusing if they had tried! They also obviously didn’t take into consideration that there are many people interested in seeing more than one event.

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