Fall 10 Questions

Thanks to Liz for the fall questions! It’s officially hoodie weather in SWVA!

1. Most equestrians quote fall as their favorite season to ride. Are you one of those that does? Or maybe not; what is your favorite season to ride, if so?

I think summer is my favorite season to ride, but fall is a close second. This year I’ve been struggling with fall riding because, now that it has cooled down, I’m more interested in riding, but by the time I get off work, go to the gym, and get to the barn I don’t have much daylight left. My gym is at work, so it is really hard to convince myself to come back to work after the barn to work out, so if I don’t work out immediately after work, it generally doesn’t happen. Plus if I leave work and go to the barn somehow things just end up taking longer when I have the daylight. That barn magic…


I never waste time at the barn…lolz

2. Do you clip your horse in the fall? Or maybe you wait a little longer?

No one here gets body clipped because I don’t really blanket much, and no riding really happens other than toodling once it gets cold because I’m a weenie in the cold and doing winter farm chores is enough exposure to the elements for me.

3. Have any costume riding events in October on/near/around Halloween? What will your horse be dressed as? What about yourself? What would you dress as if money/time were absolutely no issue?

No costume planned, but going on my longest trail ride ever on Friday. Pray for me. And Paige. And my butt. It will hurt. Any “seat” saving tips from my long distance riding friends?

4. Is your horse afraid of any autumn colors? Or maybe has a certain quirk that only appears in the autumn?

If the color is spray painted on a plastic bag, 100% yes on Robin. haha. Otherwise the rest of the herd is remarkably not very spooky to colors really. No quirks that I can think of. Thank goodness. Well, outside of Copper’s standard set.

5. Pumpkin spice. It’s everywhere right now. Find any natural pumpkin [squash] spice-esque recipes for your horse?

I’m sure mine would be tickled if I had pumpkin treats for them, but I’m too lazy to DIY horse treats. However this (the one on the right! hahaha) sounds like just the right amount of work:


6. We’re getting to the end of the calendar year, and final few “big-bang” shows to look forward to?

No shows, we’re done with showing until spring. Maybe a clinic?

7. Winter is coming. What are you doing to winterize your trailer/rig/car?

Trailer-less currently, so nothing to worry about there. Not really intentional winterizing, but we’ve been replacing what feels like every single hydraulic hose on the tractor this fall because it keeps leaking…so I’m glad they busted before winter and crossing my fingers everything else stays functional through winter.

8. Do you have any autumn traditions you/your horse follow?

Other than crying at the thought of winter and installing heating elements into my water troughs, no. I hate the impending cold.

9. October in many places marks the beginning of deer hunting season. Does this affect your riding at all? Do you wear blaze orange or modify your schedule to accommodate the season?

Eh, no one is allowed to hunt on my property, and I’ve never worn bright clothes in order to not get shot. But I also don’t generally trail ride a lot.

10. What are you most looking forward to goal-wise as the final months of the calendar year approach? 

Goals. haha. Um, I have some big personal (good, no worries) things that are somewhat goal related coming up super soon. This is impact my horse life as I’ll likely be able to afford to put Copper with a dressage trainer. Wuuttttt? Yeah, we’ll see if he’s sound. Still taking ouchy steps in his front end. It doesn’t help that his feet are cracked af and refusing to grow out. :/


You know, assuming he’s sound. 

5 thoughts on “Fall 10 Questions

  1. Ooohhhhhh dressage, huh?! I didn’t know you were a big fan! I hope he’s sound enough to go.

  2. Personally, my favorite season to ride is fall. I like it because it is not so hot I feel like I am about to melt off my horse, or it is so cold that my aids are telling my horse nothing. LOL. Fall is really nice to ride because I can jump, trail ride, and train so freely! Thanks! 🐎
    – Clidie

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