Two Horse Tack Halter Bridle Review

A while back I was approached by Two Horse Tack with an offer for me to pick something from their extensive list of products to review on my blog. I’m generally someone who likes leather. I love the smell of new leather and the look of it. I haven’t been particularly drawn to the idea of synthetic tack since my grandfather retrieved an ancient Wintec from the recycling center for me, but I have to admit my curiosity was piqued from seeing other bloggers review their Two Horse Tack products, specifically the halter bridle.

So I pulled the trigger on the halter bridle and I (somehow) managed to resist the turquoise and instead opted for wine/burgundy. I know, I’m as surprised as you are, but here’s the fun part. My hunch that Paige would look great in that color was dead on. I’ve gotten SO many compliments on the halter bridle itself and twice as many on how the color looks on Paige. Appearance= a++


Using as just a halter.

It has taken some getting used to as far as bridling goes since there are so many more straps than I’m used to, but that’s exactly why I wanted a halter bridle. You see Paige has this fun knack for shaking her head and shaking her ENTIRE bridle off since her normal bridle has no straps under her head, just the bit hanger and an earloop. That isn’t a big deal at home where things are predictable and I can just reach forward and grab it before she drops the bit, but I wasn’t thrilled about the idea on the trail. She has also previously unsnapped scissor snaps that connected the reins to the bit by scratching her face on her legs, even once when we were standing in the river. So the good news is despite scratching her face and her legs and heartily shaking on our last trail ride, the bridle has stayed exactly where it should be with all of the parts still attached. So that’s a win. Function= a++.


She’s stuck with me.

While I’ve hauled out for two rides this year, I’ve hauled her in a regular halter because I’m paranoid she’ll halter pull (she never does, but I’m nothing if not paranoid) and break the new halter bridle. I’m enjoying the halter aspect of the bridle for other reasons though. Twice now when on our trail rides we’ve had to dismount and hand walk because of the terrain. Both times I unhooked my reins from the bit and attached them to the halter lest I accidentally drag on her mouth. I did manage to fall on my butt when hand walking on our second ride, and while I’m sure it jerked on her face some, I’d snapped the reins to the halter, so I didn’t jerk the bit around in her mouth with my body weight. I did make one change in how I use it in that I added snaps on the ends of my reins. Two Horse Tack will add snaps for an extra fee, but I didn’t think I’d need them. Once we moved the reins from the bit to the halter the first trail ride I determined that I needed snaps. Versatility= a++


Paige and I were very matchy matchy with our burgundy.

Overall I’m very happy with this halter bridle. The look of it is nice, the color is great, and I’m fond of the versatility. The only thing I would change (other than adding the snaps) is that next time I wouldn’t order the 10′ long trail reins. This was my choice, and something I can remedy easily myself with a hole punch and some well placed cuts, so not a big deal at all, but the 10′ reins leave a lot more bite than I want to fool with on the trail. I’m also not as used to continuous reins as I was in my youth since I more often use split reins, so that may be contributing to the feeling.


Auto-pilot engaged. Maybe I shouldn’t cut the reins? Perfect length to loop around the horn while she’s walking without hanging in her mouth. 

As far as other sizing goes, they asked me several questions about Paige in order to determine what size would best suite her. We ended up determining that she is a standard horse size. I feel like the only part of the bridle that is larger than necessary is that the throatlatch is a smidge long, which, once again, isn’t a big deal. Everything is very adjustable and fits her well. Fit= a++

I can’t really speak to the durability so far as I’ve only had it since July and Paige isn’t very hard on things, but I can speak to the fact that despite being drug through my dusty barn and dunked in creeks, it still looks brand new after I hose it off…no scrubbing or products needed. I let Paige graze a fair amount on the trails, so I like to rinse whatever grass gets hung in the bit and I’ve been able to do that with complete ease since the beta biothane is so easy to clean compared to leather. Ease of cleaning= a++

I would also like to mention that their shipping is lightening fast! I order my halter bridle on a Tuesday and had it in my hands on Friday for a trail ride on Saturday! Overall the ease of purchasing and the quality of the product has me considering Two Horse Tack for my future purchases!

Two Horse Tack has generously provided the coupon below for any of my readers to take advantage of! This time if year it is time to start thinking of the horse owner on your Christmas list, and something from Two Horse Tack would be an excellent choice! You should also go here and sign up for their newsletter for sales alerts and new products announcements!



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