Tis the Season to Buy All the Things

Or that’s what my wallet thinks that I think. And really…I can’t blame it. The following is my break down of Black Friday (or Black Week as it seems to have evolved into) shopping.

So to pre-game Black Friday I went on a wild hair and ordered the Dublin Pinnacle boots from Riding Warehouse since they were having an awesome boot sale. While half my penny pinching heart was still struggling with the price tag, the other half was jumping with glee that I was going to obtain something I’ve wanted since…high school or early college? Alas, the union was not meant to be as, surprise surprise, my calves remain too large for even the most adjustable river type boots. So, after dancing around my kitchen in desperate attempts to make them fit, I boxed them back up and slapped the pre-printed returns sticker generously provided by Riding Warehouse on the box to return them.


All the tears. Well, not really. No tears happened. 

Luckily by the time these were disappointing me, I had another ridiculously large Riding Warehouse en route! This one is scheduled for delivery today so I’m not able to review things so to speak, but I can testify to my excitement about all the things I ordered.

First off, another pair of boots! No really, I’m a glutton for punishment and want to torture myself with numerous boots returns…though these aren’t going to be an issue with my calves I don’t think, because I went back to comfortable western boot territory. They are square toed, which haven’t previously worked for me…we shall see.


So cross your fingers for me on these, because with the Black Friday (or Wednesday as it turned out…) discount, I got these for $56. They’re much more my style (oh hi turquoise…) and I’m thinking I’ll save them to show in if they fit. I’ve already purchased a turquoise show shirt from RW earlier this fall for next year, so I just need to get a vest or something to complement the shirt at this point.

My main goal for RW Black Friday was stuff for show season, in particular stuff I picked out that I wanted/needed for the September show that I couldn’t justify buying for one show. I have this backwards worry that everything with Joey has been so textbook wonderful that I’d buy ALL the show things and he would spontaneously combust or something. I know, crazy talk, but that’s me.

So the most expensive thing (at a whopping $25 post discount lol) that I needed for show season was a hat can. I’ve had my hat since Copper was a yearling, so 9+ years now and I love my hat. I’ve been toting it to shows in the cardboard box it came in though, which has worked out ok, but the box is showing some wear and all of the hustling things around in my car in September during the rainy weekend made me extra cautious about my hat. If I’d left it somewhere too damp that would’ve been no good. Of course I wanted a turquoise hat can because I obviously have a problem…but I’ve decided to go with a black one and just get cute decals from Buckstitch Becky for the outside…prolly in turquoise…

rs (1)

I also grabbed a bottle of Vetrolin White Bright because I finally have a spotted horse after all the years of solid brown horses that were supposed to be spotted. And a new large Niblet Net. I have a purple one somewhere, but I’ve literally searched the entire barn and it isn’t there. So now I also have a blue one. More than one isn’t a bad thing…if I ever find the purple one. It is my favorite hay net though because I can almost shove an entire square bale in it, which was great for when I was feeding Copper last winter because I just stuffed nearly an entire bale in it and didn’t have to go in and give him a hay bag in work clothes in the morning, I just dumped him some grain in his fence bucket. I need to work out a similar arrangement for Joey once the weather actually turns into wet winter and I get tired of going all the way in the barn to feed him. Right now when he sees my car pull in he runs into the barn to be grained, but I need to get him to run to the car to get grained at the fence instead. He’s really good at routines…we just need to establish a new one.

I was going to buy Joey the pony length polo wraps for wrapping his legs for hauling, but then I got to thinking about how much bone is in his legs and that the pony length would only be a temporary set. So I got him a set of the Horze Polo wraps in regular horse size, hoping they’ll last longer. The color says teal when you hover over them on the website, but the picture looks straight up blue to me. We’ll deal.


His legs aren’t very dainty.

I did get legit teal buckets though! And purple. No idea why I bought purple buckets, because the teal ones will put the royal blue ones back into rotation on the farm instead of being saved for show buckets. So now I’ll have a couple random purple buckets, which is fine. Robin’s “color” is purple. So if I go off the deep end have a death wish and take her out in public she’ll have a set of show buckets. Rotfl.

As far as things for Joey go, other than show things, I got him the GIANT ball and cover. I’ve been wanting this since Paige was pregnant with him, but I patiently waited until now to purchase it.


This ball, not this cover. 

I’m hoping he reacts to it with a bit more enthusiasm than he has to literally everything else in life. I figure worse case scenario I’ll throw it at Poppy when she’s being hateful. And I want to push it around with Paige while riding too. Copper’s most likely to play with it I think. So a playdate for he and Joey may be imminent this weekend.

I also got Joey a fly suit because he’s the prissiest colt ever when a bug touches him. This whole set was only $32. I toyed with the idea of getting him fly gear a while back but I never followed through because he’s only going to fit in any given size a few minutes at this point in life. So after consulting with a couple people, I pulled the trigger on a size 72. The only options were 66, 72, and 84. Copper wears an 80/82 so obviously I hope to the heavens above Joey never gets that big. I was originally leaning towards the 66, but A mentioned that Joey’s width will dictate that he needs a larger size than I’d think. Even if the 72 is too big on him this summer, maybe it’ll end up being the size he matures at? Either way, for that price, I was willing to make the gamble.

rs (2)

I would say that was all I bought, but I also grabbed myself a pair of turquoise Ovation gloves. True story, I’ve never had riding gloves. It isn’t super common around here to ride in gloves, but I figure if I start dressage lessons (this is starting to sound like a bad joke where I’ve talked about it for so long but nothing has happened…) I should probably wear gloves? I really don’t know. As long as they don’t expect me to wear tall boots, cause that isn’t happening any time soon as is clarified by the above failed purchase.

The final things I got from Riding Warehouse are for my blogger name draw person, so those are secret. 🙂 I did buy a television from Walmart on Thursday night because I needed some gratification for wandering through the hoard with my mom. That plus the fact that pixels on the right of our current tv are leaving long black lines down the screen…so it was apparently time for an upgrade. And upgrade it was because this new 4k thing will almost make you dizzy watching it at first! So much detail and surround sound!

I also bought a lot of clothes. And presents. But all online because that Walmart run with mom was my only foray into the madness. My next stop is Zenni Optical because they keep extending their Cyber Monday sale, which I’m taking as a sign from the universe that I need new glasses. The universe is right…the prescription in my current pair(s) is over 2 years old…

So that is all of my purchases (I think). Stay tuned for more blog posts as I have a couple of other things to write about…including the forced meeting below. 😉


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