A bunch of Joey media (plus donks and Copper)

There’s not much going on around here that is particularly interesting so I haven’t been posting a lot unless I have cute media to share, which I luckily do thanks to the adorable trio that is Joey, Poppy, and Cheddar.

If you’re friends with me on fb you may have noticed the fact that Poppy and Russell are living with Joey. This served the dual purpose of providing Joey with friendship and weaning Poppy off of Chloe. The transition seems to be going well outside of the fact that there is a LOT of braying going on. Up until weaning, no one has ever heard Poppy bray, so it is safe to say that has been quite the change. She’s got a unique voice.


They have a run in area they share well.

Poppy is still a sassy diva donkey. She kicked Joey a couple of times day one and he has kicked her back, though gently once that I’ve seen. He just halfheartedly swings his leg at her and more often whacks her with his hock. As long as he’s not mean to her, she deserves the punishment as the donkey herd lets her get away with murder. Joey is much kinder than the grown horses will be once she lives with them. Poppy also needs to learn to be a little more humble as I don’t particularly like being kicked either…


“Such big ears you have tiny herdmate.”


She’s not sure what to think really.

Okay, everything above this point has sat in my drafts for a month. Sorry. I’m going to randomly tack on more info, but it is mainly a media dump. Joey and his two donks continue to get along well, though I’ve had to move Russell/Poppy’s shared grain pan outside because Russell runs Joey out of the run in while he finishes his grain otherwise. Boys.

Speaking of boys, a while back I took Joey out to hand graze with the herd and attempt to spook him so that we could work through how to handle a Joey spook. As you can probably imagine, I failed to get a reaction from anything (minus Cheddar cat falling out of a pine tree, but he recovered quickly from that once he realized it was just the cat). Well, the biggest issue we faced in our travels is that Copper was a giant pain and continually charged at Joey with teeth. I think I was more freaked out than Joey was and luckily Copper remembered that I’m worth being afraid of and would back off when I yelled at him.


Headed on an adventure. He loves adventures.


I thought the pines would be scary…not so much. 


I think this is his equivalent of flipping Copper the bird. 


The initial ambush. Notice Copper’s angry face in the right hand corner. 

So, since Copper is apparently aggressive with baby Joe in the presence of his ladies, I decided to let them duel in the barn without any of his precious girlfriends in attendance. Once Joey is older, I think the two will get along great, but right now it goes back and forth between Copper being mean to Joey and Joey initiating a most hilarious bite face game that he can’t win at because Copper is the more athletic/confident of the two.


Joey needs to learn not to hide in corners. Copper teaching him that lesson. lol

This went on for a while, then I put Copper out and let Joey return to his donkey filled environment. I’m teaching him not to be herd sour by giving him the biggest asshole to play with…thus he doesn’t miss him when he’s gone. 😉 If you follow me on instagram or fb, you may have noticed I got a new boarder. Joey really liked Bentley, and they are about the same speed mentally, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when Bentley and Paige paired up and became married af in less than 24 hours.


New frandssss

So when I went out to deworm everyone on Sunday, I did my typical walk up/grab/deworm approach. Generally everyone is cool with being dewormed and I don’t bother haltering them. It worked on everyone but Bentley, Copper and Highness. Bentley was all, whoa lady, I don’t know you, which is plausible, so I looped a lead rope around his neck while I gave him TWO TUBES of dewormer. Holy giant horse. Then I went to grab Copper and Highness (who are also married af) and they ran like loons. A lot. Needless to say, my frustration was growing. Copper *finally* thought better of the arrangement and stood to be haltered. However, he protested a lot about the concept of being dewormed. The fact that my sassy baby donkey (who has been dewormed very few times) stood naked to be dewormed and my 10 year old very broke show mount didn’t wasn’t lost on me. This is why I’ll never own another Impressive bred horse or Appaloosa. Talent and fanciness aside if you’re going to revert to being feral randomly, just no.

So after a lunging session from hell (on a long lead rope), I finally got him dewormed. He was in a full body sweat at this point. I lunged him on tight circles on the sides of the hills. Luckily no one was near to hear the things I was telling him…let’s just say that I expressed to him that I didn’t care if he screwed up his legs running tiny circles on the hills because if he acts like this who wants to ride him anyway?!


Yet he was still “up” after all that.

So I tried to use him as bait to catch Highness, which was a huge fail as she continued to play feral OTTB. I did decide that Copper wasn’t getting turned out with them and drug him up to the barn and left him with Joey until around 8pm. I stuck around and watched the theatrics for a while.



So there was much running and biting. And donkey chasing. Sorry donks. And sorry Joey. But you need to learn how to horse. After a while they settled down, though I’m assuming it wasn’t completely over since Joey looked a little sweaty that evening when I returned Copper to his herd.



This went back and forth between Joey getting bitten and Copper scratching his entire head and neck on Joey’s butt?

As you may see in a couple of these, I introduced Joey to the ball. I thought bringing Copper in would help Joey learn about the ball and how to play with it, because I thought Copper would play with it. Turns out I was wrong about that. If they have each other to torture the ball doesn’t get much attention. Joey did try to figure it out somewhat before I put Copper in there, but those videos are super dull. This picture sums it up:


This ball might be fun. Or not. We may never know.

He did want to grab the ball by the liner with his teeth. If he figures that out and realizes he can chase the donkeys with it, that’ll be a great time. Until then I don’t expect it to be much more exciting. My brother’s pit bull did love the ball though, so that was hilarious to watch.

In other news, the vet is coming to do dentals and castrate Russell this time next week. Joey gets to remain intact through winter, then we’ll reevaluate his behavior and determine if he’s going to behave and remain a colt through the summer into fall. Supposedly research shows that they’re more likely to grow height as a gelding and width as a colt. I think the width will come naturally due to his genetic make up, so I’m not really terribly worried about how it will impact his growth, but I’d REALLY love to get some big studly jaws if he’ll remain this gentle intact. We shall see. 🙂


Father Tanner’s jaws 😍

5 thoughts on “A bunch of Joey media (plus donks and Copper)

    • Copper is an asshole a lot of the time. I’m hopefully raising Joey better…Copper will help put him in his place when he hits the obnoxious colt phase luckily. When that happens I’ll make them live together 24/7 lol

  1. So much media I love it! And little Joey’s ‘I’m a baby’ smacking, so cute. I only saw Lito do this once when he first go turned out with everyone. It’s good for him to learn to be a horse.
    I wanted to keep Lito intact till around 2. Ha. I gave up. I weaned him around 6 mo. and we are not really set up for separate turnout. I did keep him separate till he was about 11 mo and got way tired of that. Cut his manhood off. Homeboy is 16.2 at least at only 4.5. He was 16 hh at 2 yo. We are waiting for the width department to show up lol. He is a little wider now a days and given Cheetah’s width and the stud’s, he should eventually get there. I hope. Cheetah was still growing at 6 and given the half Spanish part, it will take Lito a while to get to fully developed.

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