First Snow Pics and Vet Appointment

Well, I’ve been hardcore slacking on blogging lately…to the point that I struggle to remember what I’ve already told you guys and have to reread my own posts. *facepalm* Mostly I’ve just been trying to keep everyone from wondering if we’re still alive doing media dumps because I hate to make you guys miss out on Joey pictures, no matter how awkward growing has made him look. 😉

So, a summary of the last week or so in pictures:


Kricket, Copper, Highness, Robin, Paige and Bentley

We had our first snow of the year! It wasn’t a whole lot, but it was enough to get work to close at 1pm on a Friday, which is always fine with me. So I ran out to the farm and took some pictures of the herd in the snow. Everyone is in great shape weight wise or a little heavier than they need to be, which is ideal in my opinion because they’re set up to winter well.


He’s so handsome.


Like I said, in good weight for cold weather…

This was also Joey and Poppy’s very first snow. Joey was unsure. He snoodled the snow on the tire to determine that is isn’t food.


What is this sorcery?

And then he went on with life with limited excitement to be seen. Surprises…


Walking to the barn as if he should be fed. The older he gets the more he looks like Paige.


We stopped for a selfie to commemorate the occasion. His nose in my face of course.


Poppy’s first snow. 

So I made good use of my time off work and stuffed them all with hay and brought the water troughs inside to keep them from freezing, which has been mostly successful. On Tuesday, the vet was scheduled to come do Paige’s teeth, and Russell’s castration and teeth. When he got there he mentioned that he didn’t have mini floats, so he’d look at the lump under Russell’s jaw to see what that was about, but he’d be limited on floating his teeth until he borrowed a set of mini floats.

He ended up determining that Russell’s lump under his jaw wasn’t dental related but was bone calcification from one of the big horses likely kicking him and fracturing his jaw. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time, the little shit puts himself in a lot of ignorant situations. I think I have video of him running the ENTIRE herd of full size horses away from a salt block. He’s small but fierce. His castration went well, and so far his recovery is going well minus that he’s been off his hay, which has made him not thermoregulate super well, so he was shivering when I got to the farm last night. Luckily there are still baby horse clothes about (that don’t belong to me…) so I wrapped him up in the one that fit him the best. The pink foal saver has a much too short belly band, so I was glad this one fit better, despite that his butt was hanging out. He ate more hay last night, and I gave him a couple flakes of the nicer square baled hay from last year to tempt him this morning. I’m hoping to reunite him with Poppy and Joey tonight and put Emma and Chloe back in their smaller lot. Yes, poor Joey has been living with three female mini donks, you should feel bad for him.


This is a first.


Joey watching Paige leave after her sedative wore off and I turned her back out.

My vet called Paige’s teeth “beautiful,” which I didn’t expect because I’ve never had her teeth done since buying her in 2014 and I have no idea when her teeth were done prior to that. He said she had very minor points and that they hadn’t rubbed her cheeks or tongue at all and that while he encouraged me to have her checked as often as I felt fit, he certainly wouldn’t bother to float her yearly. Have I mentioned that Paige is perfect?

I do wonder if there is any correlation between severity of tooth condition and 24/7 turnout because none of mine have ever been “bad,” and it’s certainly not because I remember to get their teeth done regularly. Robin’s haven’t been done in years and years since she’s always fat as a tick and I don’t ride her, but I’m having her (along with the rest of the herd) checked in the spring or sooner. The vet mentioned that he could do an ultrasound on Emma and Chloe without using a rectal probe, so I’ll very likely make an appointment to do that at some point.

In non horsey news, here are a few pictures of my house decorated for Christmas. Luckily I took these before a third of my lights died and left the bottom portion of my big tree in the dark.


Yes, I have four trees in the front two rooms of the house…don’t judge.


I also tortured Dexter with posing for pictures. 


He’s too cute. 

Luckily I work in higher ed, so we’ll be closed the 22nd through the 3rd. I’m looking forward to the time off of work and hoping to get some stuff done during the break. I should probably work with Joey some in prep for show season.


He’s cute, but no where near show ready. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the season. If anyone is somewhat local and wants to try to get together over the time that I’m off work, let me know!

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