Goals Recap 2017

The title is super misleading, because you may remember that I kind of went YOLO and didn’t bother with goals this year. Partially because Copper was hella lame and I didn’t even want to consider riding goals for him. Paige was super pregnant at the goal setting part of the year and my only real focus with her was a healthy pregnancy/birth/motherhood period. I also didn’t bother to set any farm goals because of the whole imminent domain situation and possibility of losing my farm, etc.

So here we are, goal-less and care free. So let’s talk about the good things that did happen this year instead? We did accomplish quite a lot for setting the bar so low, maybe more than years where I set more goals?


The big obvious awesome thing that happened this year (though it seems like he’s been here forever and only five minutes at the same time) was Joey’s arrival and everything going textbook perfect with Paige’s pregnancy, Joey’s birth, Joey being a rockstar about learning all the things, Joey being weaned, Joey’s first show, etc.



I know it seems early to say, but I’m pretty sure that Joey is going to end up being my heart horse. I haven’t regretted my decision to bring him into this world once and he continues to exceed my expectations.


I didn’t do a whole lot of riding this year and I literally only sat on Copper once. Between his Lyme diagnosis and my general frustration with his attitude, I just let him be feral. Luckily Paige bounced back from pregnancy well and we got a few memorable rides in. We didn’t ride as often as in previous years since I was so distracted by Joey and working out at the gym, but we did a few big things that we hadn’t done before. As you may remember, I weaned Joey early so I could take Paige to our first clinic. It went ok, but wasn’t organized super well. Paige was a champ and despite my nerves she packed me around all day without any drama of any sort, because that’s just who she is.


We also did two ten mile trail rides this year, which is easily the most miles I’ve ridden in a single ride in my life. Despite living in one of the best parts of the country for trail riding, I’ve never enjoyed it before due to the unpredictable nature of riding in the middle of no where and my lack of love for heights and questionable footing. While I still don’t love heights or sketchy footing, I trust Paige to make the best of these situations and I have enjoyed both rides, though I felt like the worst horse mom ever putting her through the first ride the day after weaning Joey. We won’t ever do that to her again. What I will make sure I do in the future is keep shoes on her all the way around when riding. That made a monumental difference in her happiness on the last ride and I could feel the difference in her. She power walked past the trailer at the end of the ride despite that her friends stopped because I didn’t tell her to go to the trailer…what horse does this?



After oatmeal creme pies at the trailer

I’m lucky that I’ve made a great new friend in K. This year has involved a lot of changes that won’t make it to the blog, but just know that without K in my life this year, my horsey endeavors would’ve been very different. None of these rides, or Joey’s show, would have happened and I would likely be in a very different place emotionally as far as horsey friendships go, but she’s kept me from being desolately alone. A lot of blogger friends have made a huge difference as well in that I’ve never gone long without having someone to chatter about horses with, which has helped so much.


Honestly this wasn’t remotely on my horizon this year. My only inclination towards showing was going to be taking Joey to wander around during a local open show for the experience of it all, and that was my best case scenario. I certainly didn’t plan on Joey’s first breed show and on checking “win a neck ribbon” of my horsey bucket list!


Of course the icing on the cake was that he was a little professional the entire weekend between first outing, bathing, banding, hauling for the first time, and all the commotion of a show. Most people at these shows bring the babies out for their classes and stuff them back in their stalls immediately afterwards, but Joey and I hung around the warm up all day (waiting to get DQ’d from tobiano halter pretty much lolz) and he was quiet as a mouse.


So casual.


Probably my favorite pic of 2017.

It’s so gratifying to know that Joey exists because of me and that he is a direct representation of the time I’ve put into him, though good genetics have definitely made this infinitely easier on me.


One of the main reasons I didn’t do anymore riding than I did this year is because I participated in the local fitness program at our rec center. I know nothing about working out really, so I don’t post about it much because I’m far from a fitness blogger. I’m closer to a house cat mentally and physically, thus the need for this program. I managed to lose 30 lbs and lots of inches (though I can’t remember how many because numbers are hard…). I failed and didn’t take any before/after pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it. 😉 I could definitely tell the difference in my riding and am super glad to have lost that weight before Joey’s show because, frankly, I look better in the pictures.

My original post-program goal was to lose another 20 lbs between the end of the program (Sept) and new years, but let’s be real. I like food. It’s Christmas. I’m not skipping this stuff. I’ve also been drinking my calories some between frozen chai (one a week, generally during the weekend) and wine. I can resist things like that no problem during the hot months but apparently not from Fall- early Spring. So my new, more realistic goal, has been to maintain my current post-program weight through new years and start the diet again with all of the resolutioners (I make up words, roll with it) in January and I’m happy to say that so far I’ve managed that goal successfully! Just give me a swift kick in the hind end in January to motivate me please?


So that’s it. I did accomplish things in 2017 without making goals. There are exciting things on the horizon for 2018 that I can’t wait to tell you about. I’m going to end this post with my instagram top 9 so that I can shove that many more Joey pictures into this post. You guys realize I do have other horses too, right? Joey gets all the social media love! 😉


9 thoughts on “Goals Recap 2017

  1. Love all the Joey pics! And you rocked your weight loss challenge! People can take my word for it since I got to see you right after the show 🙂

  2. I love this post so much! ❤ and your YOLO. Worked out for the best I think. You should be proud of Joey for sure and you should tell K all of those things! I am happy for you and look forward to 2018 with you! Ill kick you if you kick me? You might have to kick me twice…

  3. You look really great. Maybe we could FB message back and forth after Christmas, because that is also on my goal list… I’m also interested to see what happens with Copper!

  4. A lot of really great things this year for you (and omg jealous of your neck ribbon). Loneliness is hard. I still struggle with it to living in a new place, blogger friends definitely help cut through it.

  5. Joey is totally the greatest part of the year! Gah, he’s going to be so totally gorgeous once he gets through his awkward growing stages #thatbuttho

    Great work on the working out! That is so wonderful that you’ve found your groove and are reaping rewards!

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