Holiday Photo Dump

Holy crap do I have a ton of blog posts to catch up on, both reading and writing! I swear I didn’t sleep straight through the holiday break, but it sure looks like it as far as social media and blogging goes. All is well in my world currently, though in a bit of a upside down transitional phase at work and a “less is more” mentality at the farm. Basically I’ve been shoving the horses all the hay and getting my butt back to my house.

As a reminder to myself, I need to post about 2018 goals (or whatever my version ends up being), cost of horses in 2017, Blogger Secret Santa, rehoming one of my horses, etc.

Yep. Stuff is coming. Have some photos in the meantime? Captions are where it’s at.


Candid of me and my hip high Joey during his Christmas photo shoot…something else I need to post about…


Christmas morning sunrise. Bentley is in this but hard to see.


Photographic evidence of what the little schnauzer did most of my time off…


Funny outtake from Christmas photos.


My (non horsey) bestie brought her two hedgies over for Christmas photoshoots. This is Gemma.


And this is Leia. 


Both of my fur kids with the tree. I couldn’t convince Dexter to put his nekkid post haircut butt on the hardwood floor beside Ariel. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Years! I’ll try to get some actual posts up with some content soon.


9 thoughts on “Holiday Photo Dump

  1. I LOVE the Christmas shot of your pups! And HEDGEHOGS! I had an albino female for years – her name was Chloe. She was kind of a horrible bitch, but I loved her.

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